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September 07, 2005

Moving towards more structure at mealtime...

by flowermama

I'm a huge procrastinator, a messie, and a space case (at times), and to be organized is one of my biggest dreams. This week I feel, God-willing, that I have taken two steps in that direction. The first step is that, with the support of my husband and our children, we have begun to eat our meals at certain times during the day (our baby can nurse whenever he needs to, though, of course! :) ). The second step is the creation of a weekly meal plan. I started writing it at the end of last week, began following it on Sunday, and have been tweaking it this week as necessary.

We are finding both of these things to be very helpful for our family. Planning ahead helps avoid the frustration that can come with waiting until the last minute to decide what to eat (duh ;)). Also, it's helpful to be able to tell the family what we are going to eat, and when. The plan is helping us eat a larger variety of foods (there is less temptation for me to pull a box of cold cereal out of the cupboard too often *blush*), and, eventually, I think it will save us money, and it will make it easier for us to add even more variety to our diet. And I feel that I am better meeting my kids' needs since they are saying "I'm hungry!" far less often this week than they had been, and usually it's close to mealtime when they do. :)

Posted by flowermama at September 7, 2005 12:45 PM


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