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Default Transcript Help - course titles and completion dates for an unschooler

I am working on finishing up my rising HS senior's transcript.
He has a few classes he does as classes, like Science and English, but he is mostly "unschooled" for high school. His math is all over the place, unfortunately. I am just going to have to figure that one out.
For other subjects, I have an OK record of what has has done as far as hours and activities he has spent learning History and social studies, in order to assign credit and even make a course description if needed, but he wants to take English and Science next year at the community college for dual enrollment, and they only take a one page transcript that follows their desired format. (courses taken listed by year of schooling, fall to spring)

Plus, there are a few electives I would like to assign to him just because he spent an exorbitant amount of time doing these things.

For instance, in 2019-2020, he and his dad spent every free evening and weekend repairing and refurbishing our old house. My son had to do minor things like paint, but also repair doors, gutters, roof, redo floors, repair ceilings, scrape, smooth and paint ceilings, clean out and repair drains pipes, install water heater, He learned to use all the power tools, build things, etc.
I am assuming that if he were in a large public high school, there would be some class offering dealing with these sort of things. I know my high school did stuff like that, because they had a huge vocational section, but I don't know what the classes were.
What would something like that be called? He has the skills now to go do those things on his own, so he definitely learned how to do it.

Also, he he took bagpipe lessons for a year and is now an active member of a non-profit band. I have the band listed in activities, but I'd like to count his lessons. What do I call that? I have half a credit for his hours of lessons, but he also practiced nearly every day, and learned a bit about the history of bagpipes, different types of bagpipes, different styles of play, etc, outside of lessons. Would you assign a full credit and a grade? He easily has 120 hours in a year, due to 3 hours a week in home practice/lessons the year he took lessons. But, the year was Jan-Dec, not Jul-Jun, which the comm. college wants things listed as. So, I could do half a credit for sophomore year and 1/2 credit for beginning junior year if I wanted to. Or, I could just stick it somewhere. How would you count it? And what would you call it? I know people put piano on stuff. He had to learn from scratch, even how to learn music, if that helps.

Also, if your student has gathered credit over a few years, would you just put the class under the year that has the completion date? For instance, my son has gotten a lot of history credit from special short classes on topics he was interested in - like maybe 20 hours each 10 weeks of weekly classes and outside reading, then books he has read on topics he is interested in, field trips to various museums, documentaries we have watched, etc. I figured out that he had enough credits to get a whole credit by the end of 9th grade, but then he has another credit from stuff he did in 10th grade plus stuff from a few trips we made and finished up a few months ago in 11th grade. If I put it in 11th grade, it makes it look like he did no history or social studies in 10th grade, except for Dave Ramsey's personal finance, which is really an elective, but I think I read our state is probably requiring a personal finance class as a social studies class in place of American History for incoming high school students next year. He was doing Notgrass World history this year, but did not finish. So, I could put US history this year and half of world this year and half next. I dunno. I wish I could just list it by subject and completion date, but the community college requires all classes listed by Freshman, Soph, junior, etc. Not very homeschool friendly.

That was very rambly, but helpful for me to write it all out. Any suggestions for course titles and where to put them? And how much to count? I know the whole "Carnegie credit" thing, but it is the double dipping and where to put them and what to title them that has me uncertain.
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