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Default Re: Pets, Kids and Families (X-Post from GD forum)

I have to say that I am a a little for not noticing this sticky and reading it before we got our beloved bunny. We had cats a few years ago and they were able to escape from my DD easily. I read some parenting articles that suggest what age is optimum for a certain pet and I thought I made a good decision. But, I couldn't really see until our bunny was home and truly interacting with DD for some days. (DD did get to interact and hold the bunny at the store and all went well.) But, she can be relentless in pursuing the little guy. Bless his heart he is so tolerant of her and I do think he really loves her. Plus she's starting to help clean his cage. All will work out fine in the end, but I was a little unprepared for how hard it would be for DD to obey the rules about handling him, speaking nicely to him, etc.

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