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Default A kitten for Blacky...calling cat lovers

Our beloved cat died a few months ago of old ago...nearly 20 years old. I have always had animals, and felt like we wanted to get an animal despite DS being young. We tried getting a dog from the shelter, but she tried to bite everyone is sight and we had to take her back to the shelter (she has since found a perfect family with no kids). Then we got a lovely black cat (Blacky). He is 15 months old.

I had forgotten how much exercise a young cat can need (actually, I've never had a cat under 2 years old). He stalks us, pounces, etc..definitely play aggressive but never with claws out or hard bites. Sooooo....we asked the shelter and our vet and they said he might do great with a cat buddy. We looked at the shelter for all the cats that were rated good with cats and young kids (DS is going on 4). The one we fell in LOVE with is an almost 6 month old orange tabby. The cats are still in the introduction phase, with the kitten (Tigger) in our room and them exchanging scents, etc...So far so good. A couple of hisses the first two days, but now playing paws under the door. Poor little guy wants out so bad, but I don't want to set them up for failure. And he was neutered less than a week ago, so want to give him time to heal before a possible tussle with an older cat.

I did not intend to get a kitten...we wanted an older cat because DS is young. But he melted our hearts...jumped right in my lap, then DS's lap during our visit. I know that I will need to always supervise DS with the kitten (he does well with Blacky, but needs supervision with him all 3.5-4 year-olds do). That feels so doable after the dog situation. My question is, how much supervision does a 6 month old cat need? Do they still chew electrical cords at that age? Will the older cat accidentally hurt him in play? Any tips on gentle parenting a young child to be kind to a kitten?

Thanks, all!
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