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Default Re: the natural-to-logical consequences continuum

She can make the connection between "I colour on the walls means I can't colour".
ok.. this is where I see disagreement. I know you were speaking specifically for *your* child, but as a general concept, many toddlers, 2yos, and even older are *not* (according to some) developmentally capable of making that connection. They may not have the recall memory to pull up that previous sequence of events... they may not be able to think cognitively enough to predict that the same thing will happen again... and they may not have the impulse control to stop themselves even if they *could* do those first two things.

As for the issue of a consequence being related... let me see if I can articulate what I'm thinking here... a consequence must be related in order to truly BE logical. But that doesn't speak to the issue of whether related, logical consequences are appropriate and effective for pre-logic children.

You said earlier there is very little difference between cause/effect and logical consequences, and indeed that is where I keep going around in mental circles--they seem like the same approach (age-modulated, of course) with different labels and intentions. The reason I am experiencing confusion is because I've always understood "logical consequences" as being considered punitive (under the GBD umbrella, at least) when they are used before around age 8.

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