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Default Re: the natural-to-logical consequences continuum

an example might help...

Today we went to McDonald's playland. It was a treat cause we haven't been in quite a while. 15 min. in the boys got into an altercation up in the tubes and C. bit L...HARD. He had a clear set of teethmarks and it the skin was abraded. I was pretty shocked, tbh... it's not that they don't have their squabbles, but C. doesn't bite unless he's *really* worked up about something. L. came out and I checked him, comforted him, etc. C. came out and sat for a few minutes then said he was sorry. I told him he couldn't go back up in the tubesat all today. He was sad and disappointed, and kept looking at me mournfully... asked again a couple of times to see if I'd changed my mind... but he didn't really fight me on it--which also surprised me.


Was that cause and effect? or a logical consequence?

L. kept asking for C. to come back in with him and I explained it as: "I won't let C. go and play where I can't see him unless I know I can trust him to stay in his own space and respect other people's bodies. He didn't do that today so he has to stay out." and that sounds very cause-and-effect....

but I always used the phrase "you lost the privilege of playing in the tubes" to C.--which sounds very logical consequence.

And I could easily frame my response as either.

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