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ShangriLewis 04-06-2008 04:24 PM

Please Read This First: Veg Support Forum GUIDELINES
Welcome to GCM's Vegetarianism and Veganism Support Forum!
Please note: This forum is public, but in order to be able to post here you need to join the Public Vegetarianism & Veganism Support Forum group listed here: Joining that usergroup will make it so that you can post in this forum. Everyone—vegetarian or not—is welcome to post here, keeping in mind the purpose for this forum as a veg support forum. You'll be able to post immediately after you join.
The moderators and members of this forum have worked hard to create a safe place where vegetarians and vegans can come to share information while being supported and encouraged in their lifestyle choice.

We also welcome input from members who are interested in transitioning from eating meat and animal products to vegetarian or vegan.

There can be several different definitions of what exactly a vegetarian or vegan is – for the sake of clarity, we would like to use common definitions in this forum.

VEGETARIAN – eats no animal flesh (including fish) but may eat eggs, dairy and honey

VEGAN – a strict vegetarian (no dairy, no eggs) who also avoids leather, silk, cosmetics or medicines containing animal products, etc.

VEG*N- a useful term that stands for both Vegetarian and Vegan.

Please read the stickies in the Vegetarian and Vegan Info and FAQ's forum before posting, as they are a helpful collection of posts that answer vital questions to those who have transitioned or are transitioning to a plant based diet.

You may be asked to edit any posts that do not fulfill these guidelines. For example, it is okay to post, “I miss eating bacon, is there something vegetarian I can use to replace it?” or “I'm the only vegetarian in my family, how can I create meals that will work for everyone?

It is not okay to post, “I added meat back into my diet and felt so much better,” or to encourage members to include meat in their diets. You are welcome to start any such threads in the Cookbook or Natural Health and Nutrition Forums.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please feel welcome to PM a moderator for clarification.

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