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June 18, 2007

Great Babywearing DVD

by flowermama

I (and my children ;)) recently watched the Tummy 2 Tummy Babywearing Instructional DVD. I started babywearing about 10-11 years ago, and I admit I've been kind of stuck in the past and know most about ring slings, but not so much about other types of carriers. I feel like watching this DVD has brought me current in my knowledge. :D

In the past I've watched videos on babywearing that were put out by particular companies for the type of carriers they sold, but this DVD was comprehensive and thorough. To have so much information in a well-organized format is invaluable.

I found it helpful that after I watched it, I was able to go back and watch specific sections (I'm now trying to get the hang of wearing my toddler on my back in a ring sling). :)

The DVD covers four main types of carriers -- Ring Slings, Pouches, Asian Back Carriers, and Simple Pieces of Cloth which includes wraps, shawls, and pareos. And within each section we learned about the various choices available for that type of carrier. We also learned reasons why some people like a certain type over another type. I appreciated, though, that each of the moms were very respectful of the different choices out there, not saying that one thing is better than the other or getting down on other carriers, but explaining that different types (or ways of wearing a particular type of carrier) work better for different people.

The DVD is very thorough, and the moms showing and telling how to use the carriers share their baby-wearing expertise in a way that makes wearing babies and toddlers look do-able, fun, comfortable, and very cool. :) They present important safety tips, and they share very useful information in the troubleshooting sections.

One "warning," though ;) -- this DVD made me and my children *really* want to have another baby in our family. :D

If you are confused by all the different types of carriers out there, if you are not enjoying the carrier you have and are not sure if you are wearing it right, if you want to try something new but are worried you won't be able to figure it out. . . for whatever reason. . . if you love babywearing and/or want to learn more about the how-to's of babywearing, I think you will enjoy this DVD very much. :)

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