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Default My easiest frugal recipes

I thought I would share what I have come up with over the years for dinner with a weekly food budget of $20. I know these aren't the healthiest recipes, but it sure helped me get through the financially tight times by allowing my family to eat their fill and not go hungry. These are my own, but with any other recipe, there is always the possiblity somebody also came up with the exact same thing.

Here goes and let me know if you saw any recipes that you like.

chili dog noodles

2 pkg ramen noodles - 10 cents ea
2 hot dogs - 2 out of a 79 cent package of 10- 15 cents
1 can hotdog chili - 33 cents (store brand)
Mustard and Ketchup to taste (free- get the little packets)

Slice the hot dogs. Cook the ramen noodles and the hot dogs in boiling water 3 minutes. Drain. Put can of hot dog chili in the pan and add ketchup and mustard to adjust the flavor. Serve.

Total Price for 2 big servings: 58 cents!

Cheap Stuffed Baked Potato

1 potato (a 10 lb package is $3- most come with around 25-30 potatoes, let's call it 5 cents.)
1 T margarine (out of a 4 cup package for 69 cents- call it less than 1 cent)
2 T cottage cheese (8 oz jar is 89 cents- call it 2 cents)
1 hot dog, sliced and quartered (7 cents)
salt and pepper to taste

Poke the potato full of holes with a fork, put in oven at 425 for 25 minutes, slice the top open and pinch both ends to open the center up, fluff the insides, stuff it with the remaining ingredients and enjoy.

Protien Shake

1 cup milk- (gallon= 3.79- 23 cents)
1/2 banana (pound= .89 cents- 1/2 banana= 8 cents
2 T peanut butter- 16 oz jar= .89 cents, 5 cents
Ice - free

Blend all to a smooth puree. Enjoy

36 cents.

Hotdog bake

1 box jiffy cornbread mix 20 cents
1 package hotdogs, sliced into rounds 79 cents
1-2 cans baked beans 33-66 cents
1 egg- 12 cents
water- free

Put beans in baking dish, top with hot dog slices, pour the cornbread mixed with 1 egg and water over all. Bake according to the cornbread mix instructions.

Tuna Rice

1/2 c dry rice (a package of rice costs 69 cents- not sure how to work out that.)
1 can tuna - 59 cents
1 cup frozen peas (1/4 of a 89 cent bag)

Throw all in the rice cooker. When it goes off, season with whatever condiments you find in the fridge. I've used ranch dressing, worcestershire sauce, cheese sauce, italian dressing, butter and parmesan, etc.

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Default Re: My easiest frugal recipes

Wow, a $20 weekly food budget. You are amazing Mama..

These are some good ideas, thank you!
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