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Default Loosing the cloth love

This pregnancy has been hard on my relationship with cloth We're having issues again and I'm just so. over having to keep trouble shooting all the time. Financially though, we need to be in cloth and I don't want to give in from an environmental standpoint either. I'm giving myself tomorrow in pull ups to recoup and try to figure things out.

S is 23 months, probably about 23/24lb at this point, and a heavy wetter.

We are currently using flats and covers. Some Terry flats, some FSTs, some flannel flats (homemade or receiving blankets). Covers are new. We use a combination of snappi, pins, and just pad folding into the covers. Oh, we have a handful of prefolds too.

S has a sensitivity to synthetic fabric against his skin. We can get away with it for a few days but then he breaks out in a persistent rash that does not respond to anything except removing the synthetics.

Issue 1; he is peeing through EVERYTHING! If I change him every 2 hours on the dot (I set an alarm) we can sometimes save the outfit and maybe even reuse the cover if I'm really lucky, but most of the time by 2 hours he has out-peed the nappy. Several times his week he has been soaked through, outfit included, before the 1h30 mark. The fsts and flannel flats I use doubled up, I've tried adding hemp boosters to things, I've tried a billion different folds. He just soaks it. The whole thing is just sopping. And I feel bad for him when I find him sitting in it. I cannot be changing him every hour on the hour though.i have 2 tots bots all in ones that are microfibre core and they last less than an hour, even with a hemp trifold booster.

Issue 2: he fights being changed like I'm trying to saw his leg off. Especially poop. I have ended up having to change MY outfit after a poop change because he fights much. Getting multiple layers on without someone being injured by a pin or a snappi is next to impossible, and he Wiggles so much that the nappy gets smushed and the fold goes all wrong and I have to start again. I had to stop changing him on the dresser after he tried throwing himself off and smashed his face on the corner, but changing him on the floor is so hard with my SPD, plus he can run away easier, plus he keeps kicking my big belly while he's​ fighting. It just takes so much out of me that I feel like giving up. Pull ups are just so much easier. Velcro pocket nappies make it 10x easier but I can't use them consistently without triggering the rash.

Issue 3: the poop. UK = no sprayers. I have disposable liners but they always end up bunched up in a random corner and they're expensive to use when I'm having to change him so much, especially when they do nothing! His poop texture varies from 'ploppable' to mush, and he's teething right now for extra grossness. Scrubbing out 3+ poopy flats (so many crevices!) a day in my sink is just more than I have the energy and motivation for right now. Fleece liners helped a tonne, but after 3 days we came back to 'the rash'. He will poop on the potty at home, if he's naked, but he will also pee all over my carpet while he's naked.

I think I could cope with one of these issues but everything together is just too much. We have very limited spending money right now but I could maybe be tempted into trying a new kind of nappy if I knew it would work.

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