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Default Re: What are some of your reasons to HS?

The only reasons we might NOT homeschool (bear with me) are if we can't manage to swing it on one income, or if my kid expresses a strong need/desire to go to public school. (Right now, my husband is just starting the third year of running his own business, and it's not nearly profitable enough yet for us to live on. My income is the primary one at the moment, but he can't "quit" because he needs to establish his business. My oldest is 4, so we'll have to decide next summer how to handle it.)

Anyway, the point is, I've wanted to homeschool for so long that it's become the default choice to me, and while there are a few reasons we might not be able to, I don't feel like I need a reason "to" homeschool, if that makes sense. Homeschooling is the plan - public school is the backup if homeschooling is impossible for some reason.

Some of the things about homeschooling that appeal to me, though, are: flexible schedules, one-on-one study, less wasted time, studies tailored to children's interests, being able to teach what I believe and not the bland public school version (e.g., issues of American colonization/Indian wars).
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