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Default Re: What are some of your reasons to HS?

This is going to sound funny, but another reason I'm glad we've homeschooled is that I've noticed that homeschoolers tend to be very accepting of others. We're part of a fairly large co-op and there's quite the variety of people there. Some who could care less how they dressed or what others thought of them, some who try to keep up with appearances and many others in-between.

Well, in ds's Chemistry class there's a kid who's, a little nerdy, I guess you could call him, but VERY smart. Ds has mentioned some of the funny-odd things he's done, but no one makes fun of him or tries to exclude him. During their last class, after this kid answered a difficult question, one of the other kids says something like, "you remind me of Albert Einstein". They all agreed and started mentioning all the good things about Einstein. The smart kid was quite proud to be compared to Einstein. Then one of the kids goes, "you know, Einstein used to shower with his socks on?" and the whole class, including the smart kid start cracking up.

In my experience with public schools, the smart-nerdy types were horribly mistreated. Something like the above mentioned scenario never would have happened. I'm glad my ds has had a better experience and naturally accepts others, despite their differences. I was also impressed how much a bunch of 5-6th graders knew about Einstein... I'd be surprised if half my 5th grade class even recognized the name...
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