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Originally Posted by elcollins
I feel like he negates all of what he says about relationship and reaching a child's heart when he turns around and says that there is a 'bottom-heart connection' - that you can reach a child's heart by hitting them hard enough that they become 'sweet'.

I agree! I just have friends that think so much of him and when I mentioned I thought he was very wrong in his view of spanking, they were surprised and also said they didn't realize he said that. Another friend mentioned they were learning something from reading the book and I jumped in with how I thought he was so wrong in his idea of spanking and they were hurt that I didn't try to understand what they were learning that was actually good in the book. So I'm trying to understand what some good people DO find in the book that is helpful, and upon reading further I see he's got some good points but they are so mixed in with the other that it gets confusing. I just want to extend understanding to others before I jump on what is wrong, so they trust I'm being honest and understanding.

Hope that makes sense
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