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Default Re: Jumping Ship by M. Pearl

My observation has been that:

Some punitively parented kids will stay "in the faith".

Some punitively parented kids will not.

Some Attachment parented kids will stay "in the faith."

Some Attachment parented kids will not.

That being said, I still believe that Gentle parenting and gentle discipline will net the best results for kids to understand love--God's love, Parent's love, self-love (in a good way). I also think that for those who "fall away" that gentle parenting is more likely to win them back eventually. If you think about it logically, do you have better memories of the people and interactions you had when you were younger that were grace-filled or those that were punitive?

I remember a couple of instances when I was young and someone took the time to find out what was going on inside of me. Even though I needed some correction it was done in love and I was shown the proper way to do x,y,z. My best interests were taken to heart.

I remember many more times when I didn't perform a task properly or something similar and I was yelled at, belittled, hit, etc. even though I did not understand how to the task I was expected to do.

Guess which memories I prefer to revisit?

All of that to say that I think that "winning" kids back to faith is more likely when they are parented out of love and not fear. Out of faith and not control.
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