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Default Re: Strong Christians using Pearls

Like, they never miss church and I do, I MUST be a bad Christian.
And that inconsistency would throw me for a loop. For instance. . . one of the families I know who is a total Gothard family. . . .judgmental (very sweet about it, of course, but I wonder what she says about me), had that attitude of "holier than thou" and "I know more than you" (it was very subtle and definitely not 'in your face', though), and was . . . .just. . .a Gothard family (following the Pearl 'raise up a child' techniques). They know better, they are holier, they are wiser, etc. And I would be totally confused when they would skip church *a lot*(because she was kinda tired). .. I was even more confused (knowing as I do what Gothard says about clean houses) when I walked (or tried to walk) into her house and saw what I saw (it was. . . . . um. . .. not clean or tidy)! The three teenagers she had and bragged about constantly did nothing to help her with this situation. They could barely take care of themselves. There I was. . .expecting the perfection that had been (and was being) advertised. . .and I found. . . .human-ness. I was. . . . . . . . . confused. What was being 'advertised' was *not* what I was seeing! And I can say these things about *every* single one of these families, as I got to know them! There were so many inconsistencies. . . I was. . . .so confused! I mean. . .here they are, judging other people by their 'seperation', etc.. . . . and what I was *seeing* was so different!

It took me maturing as a Christian to really understand what was going on, accept it as "that's life!" and move on trying the best I could do, rather than what someone else said should be my best.
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