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Default Re: Unreasonable expectations for CRAZY 6 year old?

I’m only adding this because there is more and more discussion about sensory issues. Do not translate that into something is wrong with my child. She is 6 some of this is just 6! If it condinues and becomes disruptive versus annoying then start wondering but 6 is hard anyway.

I don’t like loud in my house. I just don’t so when my loud kids started singing and using thug voices inside I would remind them to us inside castle voices or “let’s turn the volume down” or if I could tell they used up all their self control and regulation at school aid give them the option of going to their room to do whatever loud it was for x amount of time.

It really is HARD for a small body with a developing mind to learn all day and have self control all day at school and have to keep it up at home. That does not mean let them loose to do whatever but for us to think of how to channel the need to love and make noise in a constructive way.
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