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Default Re: Setting Children Up to Fail

I'm just stretching here, but would it have even been possible to create beings with free wills as we have and not allow them to be exposed to choices? Meaning, the tree of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life were not "artificial" things that God came up with just to tempt Adam and Eve. There *is* good and evil, there *is* life and death. My understanding is that angels have free will, though more limited than humans, and there are still angels in heaven who worship God, and fallen angels in a state of rebellion against God who are his enemies. So Adam & Eve's situation really was NOT an artificial construction designed to tempt them, it was a reality.... and I believe that it is possible that they could have made a different decision, but they didn't. God told them the truth, what they could have, and provided many good things for them in abundance. Satan decieved them. But it wasn't *setting them up to fail* at all as the Pearl's construct it.

The Pearls do not believe in original sin... I'm not even sure if they would believe that babies would sin. They really view it as "training".
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