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Default Expectations of Privacy on GCM

Expectations of Privacy on GCM

Our posting guidelines ask the following:

12. No copying/pasting any thread or part thereof from our board to anywhere off our board. Do not discuss posts or threads with anyone who does not have access to the forum where they are posted. Note: Ideas and concepts learned here may be discussed.
And at the bottom of every page on the board it says,

Do not post content elsewhere.
Even with these guidelines there is no way to prevent members from sharing information from private forums, and in the past members have copied and pasted conversations off-board in violation of guidelines, so please be aware that despite our posting guidelines and high commitment to privacy, we cannot guarantee that your information will be kept safe. We encourage all members to post with mindful consideration of this concern. We must also note that our privacy policy does not overrule the obligation mandatory reporters have, as explained in this link.

Members who are found to be in violation of these guidelines will promptly lose access to all non-public forums for a minimum of one week during which leadership will make every effort to work things out with the member. If an understanding is reached, access will be restored after the agreed upon time. If there is a second violation, access will not be restored. Further measures up to the point of banning may be taken in serious situations such as when it's determined that the violation was specifically to do harm to the community or that the member is using information here as a weapon in a personal dispute.
The GCM Admin Team

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