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Thanks for the info. I'm not keen on my bleach/water mix because I don't like the smell. I guess if vinegar is as good, I'll just use that. I already use vinegar/water mix for the kitchen, so why not both.

I have an unopened bottle of bleach. I recently heard on the news that after a year it's no longer good and I've had it longer than that. How do I properly dispose of it? (I want to call the lcoal Solid Waste Authority, but I've not gotten that far yet.)

Leah, Method, I think is Target's line of natural cleaners.

I'm slowly moving towards natural/organic stuff as I run out of the regular stuff. I've been using the Trader Joe's dish soap, but the suds don't seem to last as long as the Pamolive. However, seeing that Palmolive isn't very natual and it comes from a company that uses practices that I find repulsive, I will no longer buy it.

I think I'll look into the suggestions here. One of the natural foods stores I shop at has natural cleaning products as well. The next time I go, I'll look.

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