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Default Unschooling newbie alert!

My husband and I have always loved the idea of homeschooling. He went all his years at a public school. I however tasted a bitter strict homeschool environment followed by a rough click filled private school environment till 6th grade and then had many rude awakenings at public school till graduation. Both of us dreaded school and had anxiety about getting up and facing it daily. I am finding it stresses our 2year old as well as myself if I try to make something into a learning activity. He's learned his basic shapes & colors and is beginning to count just from spending time with us! And he loves to learn! Just in his own time in his own way.

That's unschooling right? We hang out with his favorite toys in his favorite areas doing his favorite things and he learns! But I'm feeling totally unsure about this path. How do I track his progress? How does he prove he's got the right information for state standards to get into college? Are there tests? Grades? Somebody give me some guidance here please I know he's really young but time flies and I don't want it to fly away from us unprepared!
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