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Default Re: A question for those who have kids with mild food sensitivities

I agree with MoS that for a restricted diet to be successful, you need buy-in from your kid. Otherwise they'll probably "cheat" when you aren't around. Because it is *hard* to be gf in a gluten world, especially when you are well aware of how good gluten baked goods are, and how gf options are not at all a comparable replacement. (It's hard for my always-gf middle dd, who *is* on board with eating gf - she won't cheat, because she fears the inevitable stomach pains that follow.)

I see three separate-but-related problems:
1) ways to get buy-in, or at least a partial buy-in, from AJ
2) what can you do wrt minimizing gluten while she's emphatically not on board with eating gf
3) practical things to make eating gf less painful/distasteful for her

I like MoS's food journal idea wrt number 1. I'd also probably aim for partial buy-in - being gf most of the time, but eating the occasional gluten treat. Maybe, if she was somewhat amenable to negotiation, she could pick out 4-6 favorite, irreplaceable gluten items, and be gf everywhere else. (Granted, this wouldn't work if she ate all of her top 6 every day. Another idea could be one gluten thing per meal or per day, in treat-sized portions, not meal-staple portions.). And there are some mainstream gf carbs - Cheerios and Chex, for example - that are both tasty and carby and normal - and gf. They might be less objectionable.

Wrt 2, maybe it would help if the house was low-carb? Or at least low-gluten-carbs? If you mostly cook naturally gf meals, you limit both the need for inferior gf substitutes and the number of tasty gluten carbs in the house. So long as she's adamantly not on board, I'd try to keep the whole house as gf as possible - and definitely keep around naturally gf treats she likes. That doesn't really help on the sandwiches thing, though - seems your best bet is to give on the bread while keeping most of her other meals gf, or to go with some non-sandwich option that is naturally gf and contains things she generally likes. I wouldn't send her with food you know you hate - she'd probably not eat it and it would just go to waste. (Which is bad in general and extra bad given how pricey gf bread is.)

Looking at number three: my middle dd is quite picky about gf baked goods, and that's *without* knowing what the gluten options taste like. Out of a half dozen gf breads we've tried, she only likes two of them. (And they are a *lot* better toasted - some of the gf breads are almost inedible without toasting, but once toasted are half-way decent.) We still haven't found a gf granola to replace her beloved Chex granola, after trying at least six. Once we find a good brand, she clings to it - she's entirely over trying out new gf things, since she likes so few of them. I generally refrain from making her finish off the failed new thing - I finish it off myself (unless it's so bad that I don't want to eat it, either ). And very few of them are truly *good* - but are more "good - for gf".

Middle dd is the only gf person in the house. We make sure that everything we eat is either gf or there's a dd-approved gf substitute. If we don't have a dd-approved gf substitute for something, then we just don't bring it into the house, period. That way, eating at home is just as normal for her as for everyone else - I don't want her to look longingly at gluten treats she can't have in her own home, kwim? There's enough of that out of the house .

Which is what makes a restricted diet hard - keeping to it when you are out and about and miss out on things because of your diet. And it makes you stand out, too. Do you think that might contribute to AJ's wanting "regular" bread - not just because it tastes different (and usually worse ) than wheat bread, but also because it is *obviously* different? That eating gf would mark her out as different from her peers, and different in a way she doesn't want (esp as she doesn't want to eat gf in the first place)?

Idk, from what you wrote she sounds like she really likes her carbs - doesn't like a lot of non-carb things - and that does make being gf hard. Because gf substitutes for gluten carbs are the most expensive and least tasty kinds of gf food. I think I might sideline the gluten issue a bit, and work on increasing the number of naturally gf non-carb things she eats, while also reducing the place of gluten carbs in your family's diet. That would help reduce her gluten intake, and generally help break her carb addiction, even if she never goes gf.

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Originally Posted by MaySunflowers View Post
Can you buy regular bread and gf then put the gf bread in the regular bread bag... let her see you making sandwiches from that bag... would she notice?
Ime, there's a huge difference between gf bread and wheat bread - there's no way to miss the difference. Gf bread can be tasty, but it's an entirely different consistency - it's not anything like wheat bread. If general you really likes squishy, squunchy white bread - there's just no gf substitute for that.
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