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Default Re: Mamas that are "Messies" Support Thread

Ok about the cats. I seriously hate my cats ever since dd was born! They used to be my "babies", but now that I have a real baby, they quickly got demoted to "just cats" status and they totally bug the --it out of me! Man I would be so upset if they trashed my kitchen!

now i'm having to learn how to "manage" a household rather than do some random chores. it's a lot of stuff to think about - a lot more than i think we get credit for!
I'm totally with Katirana on this one. It really is about so much more than just cleaning. Because anybody can clean something once. It is about managing a home. Everyday. It is a learned skill! And to think I ever devalued housework and homemaking as something only "lazy" people did who couldn't get a real job. That was my thinking as an ignorant teenager. Then I lived on my own and then got married and then had my daughter and it's like "Aaaaah!" Keeping it all together takes planning and work. Instead of GOYB parenting, I guess it's GOYB homekeeping. Darnit if I don't have to do it everyday, often throughout the day.
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