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Default Re: Mamas that are "Messies" Support Thread

LOL i have found that if i don't practice GOYB cleaning my house gets that way reallllly quickly. and i only have 1. i shudder to think how messy things could get with 2 kids! or more! one thing i've found that helps me is as i'm walking through a room if i see something i can easily pick up i do. and then for stuff that is not so easy (i.e. DD likes to pull ALL her bibs out of the kitchen drawer and deposit them in the den). in my example i go sit down in my chair and tell DD to go put them in the drawer lol. sometimes it takes 10 minutes to get her to do it, but... hey... lol.

whew but yeh i can definitely get there.... and don't even get me started about the mess on top of my entertainment unit... or the spare bedroom
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