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Default Re: Home-keeping Schedules

I have a weekly schedule I stick too. I grew up in a chaotic home and feel physically uncomfortable if my house is messy. I do have the ability to shut the door on a messy room though!

Monday-focus on outside stuff-projects, weeding, etc. Mon. nights are at gymnastics for both my kids. Mondays are my off days otherwise
Tuesday-make up grocery list at night after kids in bed, kids do a trash can chore, dd waters plants for me. also try to make a nice dinner this night, as opposed to throwing stuff together
Wednes-grocery shop, more yard stuff, laundry, help out in dd's class, have gym class in eve. (dd is a gymnast) dinner that night is usually toast and scrambled eggs
Thurs-I usually work in AM til early PM, afterwards just hang out with kids and cook dinner, also try to do a toy pickup with kids in prep for next day (stuff like games, projects they've been working on (Tues. and Thurs. I try to make really nice dinners) dd will also sometimes swiffer my bedroom (it's a laminate floor)
Friday-my big cleaning day! do some home preschool stuff with ds in AM, then let him watch a video while I clean. I usually clean my house all on Friday, plus laundry again!-I usually don't finish this up til late at night. My ds is 3 so he watches a disney movie. I work quickly, lol! I clean bathrooms, mop, clean countertops and vaccuum (usually after the video is over) Bathrooms I clean first, any dusting is done last. I do try to focus on different areas each week. Friday is also watering day for outside plants-fruit trees, landscape trees, garden, and grape vines.
Saturday-with family, weekend projects galore, go out or make a nice dinner
Sunday-church, and Bible study with dd in eve. dh cooks dinner Sun. night (it's either pancakes or waffles)

daily stuff-dishes, dh helps with that. dh also helps with toy pick-up. My dd feeds some of the animals, I feed the dogs. My dh has a home office, and I wish he would keep it a bit neater, but I can close the door. I also try to work on bills one night a week

I do alot of stuff on Fridays!
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