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Default Re: Treading lightly on the earth

This is a topic close to my family. We are about to embark on a new journey. We are selling everything we own, buying an RV & a piece of land. We'll live in the RV while building our own home. We're looking in to our county laws about construction materials. We're thinking an earthship, cob, straw bale or papercrete type of structure on the property but our main house will be lumber. We plan on using solar & wind power (which is plenty available where we live). We will have to truck in water but that's ok. We'll make sure to use it wisely. We're going to grow our own produce & raise animals for food, as well as for an income. Our plan is to also make an earth oven so most of our cooking can be done outside, weather permitting. We use a solar oven at times already & will continue.
We'll have a compost pile and plan on doing some earth worm growing, as the liquid that comes from their piles is great for gardens. We look forward to selling some of the worms some day but I'm thinking it'll be a while before we have enough to sell.
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