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Default Re: Home-keeping Schedules

I guess I am one of those, slightly hyper people about this type of stuff. (side note) I am reading a book called Women After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George. I REALLY hated it at first, alot about submitting to your husband and ya know that type of stuff BUT if you can read it with a realistic mindset, knowing what works for you, it has really been a joy for me. I have been learning that my husband/home is my carreer and something that I can be proud of if I am doing it God's way. Ok all of that to say that having a chore schedule / daily routine helps me to "feel" like I have accoplished something, even though I KNOW that I have just by being a loving mother to my kids and dh. We don't follow this to a tee everyday by anymeans, like if we have an afternoon apointment or want to go to the park or somethign. now to the point, sorry about the tangent. oh and btw, what is fly lady?

Daily Routine

6:15A Jonathon gets up

6:40A Prayers

7A - 9A Get dressed / Eat Breakfast
Mom’s Bible Study
Unload / Reload dishes
Start Laundry - Mon / Thurs

9A-1P Appointments - Work - (like paying bills, and helping my dh with the real estate business)
Make phone calls, etc.

1P Lunch

2P-4P Quiet Time
Reading, movie, sleep

4P-5P Cleaning

5:30P Kyle’s reading ˝ hour

6P-9P Dinner and family time

9P Kyle in Bed

9:30 Amie and Jonathon Bible Study

Chore Plan

Mon- Laundry
Tue- Grocery shopping
Wed- Clean bathrooms
Thurs- Laundry Fri- Floors
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