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Default Re: Treading lightly on the earth

I bought a bunch of terry towels at Wal-Mart, I think they were $5 for a bunch (10?). I bought some cute oval baskets at the $1 store and keep some of the towels in a basket on my counter so they're easy to grab for spills and so they also have a "home" LOL.
I bought a Divacup and LOVE it! I also bought some lunapanties- I honestly don't really need them with the cup, but wear them just in case. I am SO happy not to have to buy pads or tampons any more, ick. And the cup is so much cleaner than even tampons, seriously.
Now I am also switching us to a vegan/whole foods diet- trying to stay away from as much processed/packaged foods as possible. Great idea for making paper with junk mail, my kids will love that. I bet my hs buddy will love to do it too.
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