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Default Re: A question for those who have kids with mild food sensitivities

I'm in the "I have no clue what I'd do or what I'm doing" camp. I'm struggling mightily w this with out 17yo.

We've been gluten free at home over a decade with very ocassion all "cheats." While we r all much much healthier, we no longer experience horrible reactions to gluten we did gaps diet for quite awhile. That and treating for candida were super important for everyone. My dd2 is also getting LDA for food allergies and that's also helped her.

I believe we still have health issues from gluten but have moved to allowing them to choose what they put in their bodies BUT I will not purchase it nor will it be served at a meal I provide.

Even this isn't working that great and we've gone so far as to tell eldest dd (17) if she doesn't minimize cheating she will begin having to purchase her own symptom control meds/supplements (she gets migraines and heartburn -- so NSAIDs, papaya). My logic is she knows it affects her and still uses it so she can pay for the instant damage to her system.

Our children's medical needs are significant so with the exception of self inflicted medical issues (like too much gluten or sugar, we will continue to Cover their medical expenses until they are either done w college or established in a career. So, this was a big deal telling her she'd become in charge of purchasing symptom meds (I see her needing them more as she cheats.) however, I'm willing to bend and help her figure out how to avoid cheating. We've never had much gluten free junk food in the house (pre packaged items) so I'm helping her figure out if that would help or baking more would help. We've found new recipes together - we made lemon sorbet tonight when dd started craving a pastry ) I will buy and allow gf treats more even if they contain sugar ( for us, sugar is evil but less evil than gluten so "the lesser of two evils")

We make a plan together and then I ask if she wants accountability. she's improving w this plan even though I feel my frustration at her self inflicted issues. She has enough chronic and long term issues she's battling. I find myself annoyed and upset w how hard we've fought to get her healthy and to watch this.

When we've argued and I've gotten upset , I've stopped, calmed down, and shared my mama heart. I told her I flash back to when she was bed ridden and when she's needed acupuncture twice a week to get out of bed. I've told her that I Get panicky and scared because her regaining her health has been such a one step Forward one step back process. BUT I remind her it's her body and her mom is just having a panic attack

Honestly w my almost 12yo, I still put my foot down and tell her no or say how often she can have gluten.

I tell the kids the equivalent of 3 m&m's in an Olympic size pool is the ratio of how much gluten messes up our bodies. I won't pay for or contribute to that. but I will help them by finding out what would help them walk down a difficult Road. One thing that helps is that I'm 100% gluten free and don't cheat when they do. I've accidentally gotten gluten though.

My DH does not bring gluten into the house EVER. He's always been phenomenal about that and I'm eternally grateful.

Oh and some practical notes: we use glutenease which has been great. We get it at Walgreens.

Here are the other most powerful things that I believe have healed my D.C.
*gaps diet (although I wish we hadn't done so many ferments because we cannot tolerate them at all anymore without getting candida). It was probably broth and healthy foods and lack of sugar that helped us)
*candida treatment including pharmaceuticals (doflucan)
*grapefruit seed extract
*keepimg refined sugar to a minimum

Long term supplements:
digestive enzymes (we use now super enzymes)

ETA: just for reference, we do not have celiacs. We have what they have defined as "gluten sensitivity" but over the decade we can see how horribly it affects us and the affects last for months.

Please excuse typos. .

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