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Default I just get so tired of this! (vent)

I am not a tidy person, but I am organized, if that makes sense. Things go where they go, and there is a reason why they go there. So the swimming bag stuff might sit out in the corner of the room for a week after we've been swimming, but then it gets put away in its right spot.

And it just drive me crazy when people put things in their wrong spots! I try to be appreciative that someone is helping me, I really try. But it drives me beserk. We have a cleaning lady who comes every 2 weeks, and dh helps out sometimes, and IDK how between the two of them they can lose so much stuff! I have no socks, and finally find a bunch in my son's drawer. (HOW do you mix that up? Really? He's only 3, our feet are not the same size!) My cooking pans will be put in wherever there is room and I spent minutes in the middle of dinner opening every cupboard trying to find something, when EVERY pan has it's proper spot. Today I got so frustrated I almost cried trying to get my son's lunch together. I bought some of those metal lunch containers so I didn't have to pack his lunch in plastic, because I figured that I pack his lunch so often it would be worth it even though they are REALLY EXPENSIVE. There's a little metal cup with a plastic lid that disappeared. Well, it turned out someone had put it in with the metal measuring cups. And the lid? I have no idea. None. It is not with the other tupperware lids or the other kid containers. Either it follows the same logic as the measuring cup thing, which I cannot follow, or it is gone forever and my new expensive cup is worthless already!

As I said, I try to be appreciative. But I wish if someone didn't know where something goes, they just didn't put it away.

And my dh especially is a "it's clean when it's out of sight" kind of guy, so he just puts stuff away ALL THE TIME.

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