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I agree with the kenneling. It will be a tough few days transitioning her but she needs a schedule. When she can't be watched, isn't out for a walk, eating or playing with you she is in her kennel. The moment she comes out of her kennel she is taken out to pee. I would feed her in her kennel as well as that provides a positive association. Perhaps during her "quiet" times you could also provide her with a Kong filled with peanut butter or something else that she would have to work at getting and would keep her busy. Often times, destructive behavior is about boredom or anxiety. Kennels provide a safe place (den) for the dog and you provide a consistent routine. Plenty of excercise will help also....even with small dogs. There is a book by Brian Kilcommons called "Great dogs, Good owners" or something like that. It is an older book but it helped us train both of our dogs. I would also think you could google it to find the training schedule for dogs. Don't forget lots of positive reinforcement for when she gets it right! Treats and verbal praise work wonders. Just like kids. Consistency is the key and all of the family has to understand the expectations.

As a side note, and perhaps it is too much to do now....but our dog is litter trained. We don't have a fenced yard and live in a mountain community (bears and cougars). I set up a litter box in our garage. I just use the lid off of a Rubbermaid container so it is more shallow than a cat box, pee pads that come from the dollar store, and the recycled paper cat litter pellets (from Walmart) on top of that for more absorption. I clean up her poo every time and change the pad every few days. She also goes for plenty of walks so she isn't using it all the time. It has saved our lawn and it is so much nicer for the kids to play outside and not have to worry about doggy doo. Small dogs can be finicky about the cold so maybe that would provide a winter solution.

Hang in there, I think it will all work out if you can figure out a routine and can have patience with her whining for a few nights. As long as you know she has been toileted, fed, watered and excercised she will be OK in her crate. Some have suggested that you shake an empty soda can filled with some coins every time they cry so that they have a startling, negative sound that they associate with crying....personal preference will dictate here.
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