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Default Re: If you live in Wyoming...

Do you have a general area of the state in mind? I also live near but not in Wyoming (but I can get to Wyoming in about an hour). Summers in general are beautiful, winters...are not. I pretty frequently get alerts about portions of the interstate being closed in Wyoming during the winter due to another storm (and likely wind making things worse). It's not at all uncommon for those in Wyoming to have to do some driving for major shopping or even some medical options, depending on the area. My city gets tons of Wyoming residents here every weekend because we are the nearest Costco for a lot of them. It's fine traveling during the nice months, not something I'd love otherwise. Most of the state is pretty conservative, so chances are that homeschooling/vax laws are pretty decent and reflect that (though I'm just assuming here -- our state is similar). I don't think you'd be hurting for fellow Christians in the area.

All of that said, Wyoming puts you in a fantastic location for easy drives to so many absolutely beautiful areas. It wouldn't be my top pick to live in, but I can see why so many love it and I visit pretty frequently. I find the City-data forums to have a lot of helpful information, in case you haven't looked through there.
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