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Default Re: Mamas that are "Messies" Support Thread

Originally Posted by jamilyian
It feels like the laundry is done once the clothes have been put into the dryer. But that last step of folding and putting away is a big one.
Soooooo true.

Now I feel like a total loser b/c the only child I have is a 2yo, and I feel like I can't get anything done with him around and still meet his needs for outside time and such. But one of the pps was glad she had "only" the 2yo at home with her now that her kids were in school! I don't have much to complain about, do I???

We used to have 2 dogs and 2 cats...only the 2 cats now, but when we had dogs our big dog would tag team with our big cat...the cat would get on the counter when we were gone and knock food down to the dog, who would rip it open and they would share. Once, they got into a brand new 2 lb. bag of bulk granola I had left out on the counter. There was not a trace of granola left anywhere, and some of the bag was gone...then my dog let loose and pooped granola ALL OVER the kitchen floor. Oh, it was lovely. And when I said something to them, something like, "Do you all have a tag team going or something?" the cat just bumped up against the dog and rubbed, like a cat-dog version of a high-five.
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