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Default Re: Mamas that are "Messies" Support Thread

well, my 3 oldest dc started school today and I just have my 2 yo home with me. I have gotten so much done today. She loves to follow me around all day and do whatever I'm doing, so I am able to get more done and still spend time with her. This is but I had about 8 loads of clean laundry in the laundry room just piled up in the corner I got cheap laundry baskets, one for each of the kids, brought all of it into the living room and tossed the clothes into who's basket it belonged to. Took it up to the rooms and piled it on their dresser to fold later. Now the floor is clear (of clothes at least )
I really need to get my kids doing more stuff. But I need to make sure I am being a good example because I can't expect them to keep up after themselves if I am not keeping stuff clean. Well I'm off to clean some more. My 2 yo is napping so I should mop while I have the chance
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