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Default Re: Collected Past Posts Sharing Success Stories

Post by: milkmommy on August 01, 2007, 12:44:47 PM
reposting on request
I took Cecilia to play at Mcdonalds while DH trombone student was at the house. WHile we were there another little girl ohh between 2-3yrs maybe climbed up an enclosed towering platform area and got scared and was crying. I called Cecilia and asked if maybe she could go up to her and help her down. (its a hard area for adults) Cecilia climbs up to her and tells her it was okay and that she'd help her (I'll save you giggle) However the little girl was still really scared so what did Cecilia do? SHe just sat beside her and reflected her feelings and keeping her company untill the other one was ready to try comming down. jaw dropping rock on heart Finially she followed Cecilia out a connecting tube and came down a slide. The little girl ridding snuggled between Cecilias legs. rock on heart
Its times like this I'm reminded why GBD is soo great. It takes more time to help our children become more aware of feelings of actions it often seems better to "bend their will" that a few days of CIO or a few smacks and problem over is the best way. GBD however accomplishes so much more. It addresses the human side. I teaches emphany and I couldn't have been prouder.
The mother was very greatful and told me her DD had NEVER trusted another child like that. heart

Post by: milkmommy on August 08, 2007, 01:57:59 PM
Ohh Oh I have another big Ol bribe We have family rules that certain things are done each morning before we do other things such as get out toys watch TV go outside get on computer . We have a chart to help remind us and we work together to accomplish the goals were suusaly done around 8:00-8:30am ussually start around 7am...
Well I was up very late becauce I wanted to straighten out some cabinets in the kitchen and got carried away so I didn't get to be till sometime after 3:30am so needless to say I was so not ready to get up at 7am. I have a small memory of DD comming in to get me up and DH telling her let mommy sleep and seeing that the clock said 7:25 before dropping back to sleep. (DH is on vaccation right now ) Well about an hour latter DD comes in followe by DH with a try on it is two slices of toast and butter (DD made) a grapefuit cut in half (DH) and some hot tea (DH) and a flower off the bushes (DD) DD is dressed hair combed ect. DH tells me Cecilia got up this morning (after comming into or room) walks down stairs points to our downstairs chart and says okay first I need to get dressed goes up stairs brings own a pair of panties somedenim shorts and a care bear T shirt asks DH to help gets dressed goes up and combs her hair. Goes back to the chart . Dressed CHECK! no for breakfast Daddy may I have some toast please and a bannana? (DH get her breaskfast and she eats.. goes back to the chart Toast and bannanas CHECK! Ol time to make my bed goes up stairs and does it. Comes down Bed CHECK! Wash dishes DADDY time to wash the dishes!! You wash I'll put them in rack OKAY? (daddy helps Cecilia get breakfast dished cleaned up) goes back to chart dishes CHECK bathrooms daddy I need scrubbies for bathroom please. DH hands her a microfiver cloth and bottle of vinager and water DD marches up stairs and wipes down the counters and toliet area with the cloth (as well as a four year old can be expected) Bathrooms CHECK! she then goes to our "daily chore chart" and together she and DH choose two of todays chores (vaccuming down stairs and dusting living room) and DD vaccums while DD dusts. About this time I'm waking up and soon am greated with my breakfast in bed and DD saying I've done all my chores may I watch TV please. DH said SHE did it all on her own I mean she needed help yes but she went followed the rountinue and did it all even when I was fast asleep.

Post by: illinoismommy on August 27, 2007, 05:21:17 PM
David was upset earlier and he said "Let's talk about this" and came to sit on my lap, like we do, except I'm usually the one to say Let's talk...
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