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Default Re: A Letter to New, Co-sleeping Parents

That is scary but very good information to know. My husband and I decided we are going to co-sleep but we have a waterbed. So we have to use a cosleeper bassinet next to the bed. Waterbeds I read are dangerous for babies. However we do plan on getting rid of our waterbed. I absolutely cannot stand it anyway. Especially being pregnant and trying to get out of it. I have to roll out. But then most other pregnant women say it doesn't matter if it is a waterbed you still got to roll out. lol

Anyway my husband and I are really worried about SIDs. My husband is so worried he went and bought that new device that attaches to their diaper and sounds an alarm when they stop breathing. We tested it on ourselves already. No alarm when placed on us but if placed on a table, it sounds off. Just another peace of mind tool I guess. But I think God is the ultimate peace of mind. A lot of prayer.
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