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Default Re: A Letter to New, Co-sleeping Parents

Love your letter! Makes me feel good about our co-sleeping arrangements...our baby spends some time in her crib, but much of the night with us and our 4 year old still climbs in with us too -- only one child at a time as I am too worried about the 4 year old rolling on the 2 month should peek in our window at 2 am and see the musical beds here....dh putting ds back in his bed, me getting the baby over our room to nurse.... still much more sleep than the other way though and I think so good and reassuring for the kids.

I love your point about how they outgrow it...dh is fond of telling others when they question that we let our kids climb into our bed "well I don't think he'll do it anymore when he is 15, so we will just enjoy it while it last..."

speaking of I go! ladies!
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