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Default Re: No Greater Joy letter

I posted a negative review and called them out about soliciting support. You can read it here:

The Pearls manipulate in more ways than one November 22, 2011
Wondering why you see so many positive reviews dated November 9th and later? On November 91th, 2011, Michael & Debi Pearl posted the following letter on their Facebook page:

"Dear NGJ Supporters
by No Greater Joy Ministries on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at 4:44pm

As you may be aware, NGJ is in the midst of a controversy as the result of a recent article in the New York Times and the subsequent articles and blogs that are using that article as a base, much of which is taken out of context and adding their own inflammatory rhetoric.

The opponents of the tradional, biblical, child training philosophy presented by NGJ are rallying an orchestrated attack to discredit the Pearls and our Ministry. This includes petitioning sales outlets such as Amazon to discontinue selling To Train Up a Child and all other NGJ material. Another tactic is to fill the book review pages on Amazon with negative 1 star reviews and hateful comments. We trust God's protection but also recognize our responsibility to properly respond and make these circumstances known to our supporters.

The time, energy and expense of this set of circumstances are a burden to our staff that is robbing us of the time and resources needed to operate the ministry. We greatly appreciate all the notes and emails of encouragement that have been received and covet your prayers and support during these difficult times.

You can assist us by making your voice heard. Share your beliefs and leave a comment to all the online articles that you read. You can also go to the To Train Up a Child page on Amazon and leave your own review and rate the other comments by checking "Yes" for the positive reviews and "No" for the negative reviews. You may also make your own comments in response to other reviews. Click "Create your own review" (located after the last review on the page) to rate To Train Up a Child and add your own review.

We covet your prayers and support and trust that God will be glorified through all of this.


Mike and Debi"

Why exactly are they soliciting their supporters for deliberate manipulation of Amazon's review system if they are guilty of nothing? As they see it, they have no responsibility in many deaths and severe injuries that innocent children have suffered at that hands of parents following the Pearl's methods, as outlined in this book. They also do not view hitting children with plumbing line--EVEN BABIES AS YOUNG AS 4 MONTHS--as abuse because it doesn't leave a mark. Being repeatedly hit with plumbing line may not leave visible marks on the skin, but it does break down the tissue beneath in the skin and that can lead to kidney failure, and subsequently death. This is how Lydia Schatz, age 7, died. Her sister was also found in critical condition and hospitalized for enduring a 7 HOUR beating, "inspired" by the Pearl's book, "To Train Up A Child". This is not Biblical. Jesus would NEVER have wanted us to hit our children. Quite the contrary, hitting our children in the hopes of saving their souls teaches them that works can save them and that the grace providing by Jesus' death on the cross is not sufficient.

In fact, The Pearls base much of their child training philosophy on 7 verses found in the book of Proverbs. A wisdom/poetry book, not a law book. Seven verses, taken out of context and poorly interpreted. Proverbs has a lot of interesting illustrations--such as holding a knife to our throat while we eat if we're prone to gluttony--but you don't see Christians taking those to the extreme level as so-called "Biblical Discipline". That's probably because it's poetry--it paints a word picture. But it most certainly is not a command. We need to look at the Bible as a whole. We need to interpret Scripture based off of the original intent. We need to ditch the Pearls and their ministry. Please do not buy this book. If you already own it, BURN IT.
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