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Aerynne 09-14-2016 10:24 AM

wfpb road trip snacks?
I'm looking for some wfpb road trip snack ideas that are fairly low in calories and sugar. So no oil, but flours are okay. I'd like to keep sugar to a minimum but I am willing to use some. I tend to eat a lot of calories when I travel.

Ideally they would require no refrigeration, but I can take a cooler with me for the way there at least but I need things for the way back.

Also they should be fairly easy to make.


ECingMama 09-14-2016 11:17 AM

Re: wfpb road trip snacks?
I don't know what wfpb stands for. :giggle

mommylove 09-14-2016 04:06 PM

Re: wfpb road trip snacks?
whole foods plant based

I'm thinking . . .

ETA: (I really loathe snacks.)

Ok, so you'll be driving? Are you breaking your trip into 2 days or doing it in one? If that were us, I'd feed everyone a huge breakfast. Pack a sandwich or wrap + fruit for lunch. Then I'd put split pea or lentil soup in the Thermos for dinner. I'm lousy with snacks so I'd probably have Kind bars or fig bars (both from Costco) or mandarin oranges.

I heard of a sandwich the other day that would probably travel sort of well, cooler-wise. In the food processor, mix a can of garbanzo beans (or 1.5 cup cooked) + 1 avocado. I'd probably add garlic or herbs. Spread that on bread & top with veggies. (sprouts, spinach, tomato, cucumber, mushroom, red onion, whatever) Or maybe a wrap with hummus, veggies, olives & sunflower seeds.

We do Thermos split pea or lentil soup on most of our trips. I cook it in the slow cooker overnight, then put in the Thermoses in the morning. Bean soups stay hot for 8-10 hours. And it's super easy on me in the morning.

On the way back, I am no help.

WaitPatientlyOnTheLord 09-14-2016 08:51 PM

Re: wfpb road trip snacks?
Fruit: bananas, oranges, apples, peaches, whatever looks good but doesn't require prep beyond washing (so it doesn't need to be refrigerated because it's already been skinned or peeled for example.)

Dried fruits and or trail mix

Hummus and sliced veg (can make fat free hummus. Unfortunately has to be refrigerated)

I've seen a few crunchy chickpea snack recipes i wanna try. A curried one might be good!

Spring rolls!

Higher fat options would include:

nut/peanut butter on either cracker of choice or rice cakes (I'd put a couple TBSP into mini air tight containers to make personal sized dipping cups, or buy those individually packaged nut butters health food store. Pb doesn't need to be chilled so that helps.

Individual guacamole containers and dippable things like tortilla chips, veggies or crackers (must be chilled, obviously)

Nuts and seeds in the trail mix or alone.

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