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ECingMama 03-08-2022 10:10 PM

People food dogs eat
What people food do your dogs eat on purpose, because scraps, or because thievery?

Beef liver
Canned sardines
Canned salmon
Canned pumpkin


Our dog has been raw fed but chicken is often out at the grocery store, so I went ahead and introduced kibble. I got some expensive stuff on clearance.

Maedchen 03-09-2022 02:28 AM

Re: People food dogs eat
We feed kibble mainly, but our dogs absolutely love oatmeal, eggs (raw, cooked or powdered sprinkles on their food). They love pretty much any food we eat...soups, veggies, matza crackers that are gf....we give raw carrots for treats often. The dogs beg blueberries from me when I snack on them.strawberries and little bits of banana.

When I cook yogurt, I put the whey on their kibble and usually put a dollop of plain yogurt on their breakfast kibble.

I know most don't do what we do, but they get homemade broths that I can up to have on hand in case I can't locate their kibble. I even can meat scraps from near the hard pieces of fat from roasts that I can.

twoplustwo 03-09-2022 07:13 AM

Re: People food dogs eat
Our big dog eats a lot more than our 40 lb-er.

The big dog eats all the things dog likes and things dogs dont typically like, such as apples. the little dog is more of a carnivore.

The big dog - when we first got him - used to steal food off the counter top and the table if you turned your back for 1 single second. He ate butter wrappers out of the trash. Now tis better bc 1. we are more diligent about not turning our back and 2. mostly he is trained now so knows he cant steal food for the counter or table (Im sure if we say LEFT the house he woudl go for it - but we dont leave food out when we depart).

We are notoriously table scrap sharers. They are trained not to be in the dining room when we are eating at the table - but they watch from the other room. So they beg from afar!

HomeWithMyBabies 03-09-2022 07:34 AM

Re: People food dogs eat
My dog is given kibble, peanut butter, dog treats, apple, carrot, and things like that. She will eat anything she can get to. Everything from raw meat to used kleenex. She eats cat poop from the yard

JoannaV 03-09-2022 11:10 AM

Re: People food dogs eat
Other things he particularly loves: sweet potatoes, tomatoes.

Soliloquy 03-09-2022 01:38 PM

Re: People food dogs eat
We have the weirdest dogs. The first dogs I've ever met who won't eat popcorn.

Our GSD will only eat meat, eggs, and dairy. He won't touch anything else. He has a lipase deficiency so I only give him very low fat treats. (I mix lipase into his dog food, too much trouble to add it to treats.)

Our lab mix will also eat breads and crackers but she won't touch popcorn.

That's supposed to be one of the benefits of dogs-- they clean up popcorn off the floor! :giggle

heartofjoy 03-09-2022 05:21 PM

Re: People food dogs eat
My dogs LOVE popcorn!

Chicken is also a huge favorite. But all meats and eggs are appreciated.

Cheese and peanut butter are top treats

Both dogs will lap up our leftover coffee but only when it's got cream and sugar. :laughtears

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derdsgirl 03-09-2022 05:47 PM

Re: People food dogs eat
Our Chiweenie eats everything. Not because we want him to, but because V feeds him off her plate. He is now spoiled rotten. Her first 3 word phrase was "feed the dog". :eyeroll

When I give him human food as a treat it is chicken or turkey or cheese.

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