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GCM_Admins 10-08-2020 06:42 PM

Policy Change Regarding Politics - Please Read
After discussion among the seven active admins and Jeri, it surfaced that the admins as a whole no longer want to be responsible for political and controversial threads. But we all are still committed to the original and primary purpose of GCM: helping each other grow as mothers who follow God and seek to be gentle. Desiring to simplify and refocus, we will be redirecting our efforts and making a few important changes.

To help cultivate a gentle refocusing on the primary goal of GCM of supporting each other in our mothering journey, beginning next Friday, October 16, any new political threads will be removed from the board. Two forums, Politics and Intense Fellowship will become "Read Only," no longer open for new threads or posting. Other threads that become political will be closed. Those that turn into debate (going back and forth to prove points) will be closed sooner than previously.

When GCM started, we had fewer options for connecting online, but now many places exist to explore politics and topics outside of GCM's purpose and Statement of Belief. Other places may not ideally meet everyone's needs and take some getting used to, but we hope you successfully find another safe place you can discuss those important issues.

As always, we will continue to support our sisters going through challenges. For example, a mother struggling with educational choices for her child because of changes in her local policies is welcome to seek suggestions for making the best of a challenging situation, and this may understandably involve expressing frustration at being in difficult circumstances. But back and forth debate about whether those policies are good or bad will not be allowed.

So, in short, we encourage you to reach out and ask your sisters for support during challenging times -- whether that be emotional support or advice and suggestions. But from now on we will be disallowing debate about political and/or controversial issues surrounding those challenges.

This will be a learning curve for all of us, and we hope patience will be extended toward all. In these tumultuous times, it is our prayer we can join together in our time spent at GCM to simplify and refocus on those three words, Gentle - Christian - Mother.

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