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WanderingJuniper 02-02-2020 06:08 AM

Family friendly vegan gluten free meals
That donít require lots of natural food store ingredients or lots of prep?
Itís been years and years since Iíve cooked dairy free so Iím feeling kind of rusty.
For health reasons I need to make some changes and I have a kid who is trying to slowly and carefully find her way toward vegetarianism.

I would like to eat vegan breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks.
Then a vegan dinner 2 nights per week.

Any tried and true family friendly ideas to serve basically 3-4 adults/older teens?
I work full time so quick without any AM prep is essential.

MudPies 02-02-2020 06:30 AM

Re: Family friendly vegan gluten free meals
Curry!!! Let me get you my sauce recipe. Itís the best.

3 tbs curry poweder (mild if you donít like spicy)
1tsp tumeric
1/2 tsp ground coriander
2tsp salt
2 cloves garlic minced
2 cans (15 oz each) coconut milk (I used unsweetened)

Throw in whatever veggies and or tofu, serve over rice. My fave veggies are diced sweet potatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms, onion, and a few wilted greens.

For breakfast: green smoothies are great.

Other vegan faves pasta dishes (you can use pasta substitutes), soups, big salads, and many mexican and asian dishes are easy to do vegan and GF.

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Vegan snacks are easy. Any kind of nuts or veggies. Many granola bars are vegan. Oreos are actually vegan (but not GF) :giggle.

WanderingJuniper 02-02-2020 08:45 AM

Re: Family friendly vegan gluten free meals
I could definitely do curry for lunch. My kids won’t eat it but that does remind me that they’ll eat veggie pad Thai.

I wish wish wish I could have nuts at work but I cannot so both breakfast and lunch must be nut free and I think I have those sorted for this week.
Breakfast- Green smoothies or oatmeal
Lunch- sweet potatoes black beans and broccoli bowl, chili and polenta

Dinner... I think I’m going to keep it eat with veggie spaghetti topped with hemp seeds, minestrone soup & salad.

Maedchen 02-02-2020 11:57 AM

Re: Family friendly vegan gluten free meals

Originally Posted by MudPies (Post 6203358)

Vegan snacks are easy. Any kind of nuts or veggies. Many granola bars are vegan. Oreos are actually vegan (but not GF) :giggle.

Glutino has a chocolate sandwich cookie that is also DF/GF (MiDel also sells a GF version, but I am not sure if it is DF, It has been years since my local stores have sold that brand..... )

The Glutino are at my local WalMart grocery and local Publix Grocery stores. They aren't cheap, but they are safe.

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If you are wanting something super quick like Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich or crackers, you do have the option of the nut free butters made from Sunflower seeds (Sun Butter is sold online and I think I have found it or the soybean version at Target.)

Vitacost and if you have a membership to THrive Market online (you can order 1 x without membership to give them a try) they sell a good many things that are GF and DF.

If you are okay with soy, there is a Mac and Cheese version put out by Daiya. My daughter uses that a lot. THey have a CHeddar, Alfredo version and one with tiny carrots and peas in the mix.

I believe it is at Thrive Market they sell a box for about $6 that is just the bags of 'cheese' sauces so you can put it over your veggies or casseroles at home. They even have a spicy version for Mexican cooking.

They also have Amy's soups which many are vegan and GF/DF. There is a French veggie soup that is really good and spicy (not hot, but full with a more homemade taste). They also have a Southwestern soup that is full bodied in flavor.

If you are wanting easy foods with not much prep, I send my daughter in CA a box from either of these two sites that has food in pouches for ease of carry and easy to microwave. (They have pouches of cooked rice and beans.)

Are you doing eggs? If so, frittata can have a bag of chopped cabbage, a spring onion and eggs and that is pretty good.

Easy prep for Asian cooking, a handful of veggies out of various frozen veggies.

If you don't have time to prep, they now even sell Riced Cauliflower and other veggies at my local Grocery and I have seen them in WalMart Grocery store.

Our local WaMart sells an Amy's Tofu breakfast GF/DF burrito and they also sell the GF/DF Daiya veggie Pizza.

I watch several Vegan cooks on Youtube to get ideas for my daughter's foods. If you want the 'feel' of meat and a taste that is like meat, JackFruit is now becoming more popular and it is in some local stores and limited at the sites I listed above.

I have also found Beyond Meat in 1lb packages or as patties at Sprouts and Publix. (They are also selling sausages now, but I have not tried them.) For those I made them up just like I would a meat casserole or meatloaf with less cooking time.) This also makes a really good 'beef spaghetti' It has the feel of ground beef and I actually prefer it because it is made with mushroom it has a deep full flavor.

WanderingJuniper 02-02-2020 12:52 PM

Re: Family friendly vegan gluten free meals
I wish my daughter liked eggs and salads. Thankfully she does like beans now that she is older. Her pickiness is why we are making this a slow transition because I want her to be healthy and not just eat noodles and quesadillas. Those were a lot of great quick resources for when I don’t have any time or for when I won’t be home for dinner.

MudPies 02-02-2020 01:44 PM

Re: Family friendly vegan gluten free meals
Does she like hummus? That is a great protein snack and can be put on anything or used as a dip for corn chips, veggies or whatever.

I too love the Amyís soups and frozen meals for quick- many are vegan and GF.

ViolaMum 02-02-2020 04:28 PM

Re: Family friendly vegan gluten free meals
SunButter (sunflower seed butter) comes in single serve packs to take with you. Makes a great dip. All of my local grocery stores carry it in the peanut butter aisle.

Trader Joe's, if you have one, is the best place to buy sunflower seeds. We use them a lot for snacks. Pumpkin seeds are a great nut alternative.

I make a chickpea and carrot stew with turmeric and cinnamon that I pulled from a North African cookbook that my kids love. It's addictive. I can go find the recipe if you're interested. But it's fast (especially if you use canned chick peas and baby carrots) and easy to put together. Saute onion and garlic in a little oil, bloom spices, add carrots add some broth, cook through, add chickpeas and heat through.

Maedchen 02-02-2020 05:19 PM

Re: Family friendly vegan gluten free meals
I know this isn't my thread, but I would love to see the recipe. :yes:)

bananacake 02-02-2020 06:09 PM

Re: Family friendly vegan gluten free meals
What about bean soups? I wish I could post a picture. I took a picture recently in the taco soup recipe we eat every Sunday. We also have tons and tons of bean soup recipes here - if only the search function worked!

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I’m on my phone, but there are a bunch on this page:

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I just got the brilliant idea to go to my blog after scrolling through a million pages here on GCM ��

All vegan recipes. Tons of great bean soups.

Taco soup. This is a GREAT freezer meal. You can freeze soaked beans or just soak them the night before. It’s basically get a gallon freezer bag, add diced tomatoes and tomato sauce and onion and taco seasoning (optional corn and I add butternut squash), and freeze. I make 4 at a time. It is very good without meat. I made it for my sister this summer and she raved about it. She is vegetarian.

knitlove 02-02-2020 09:17 PM

Re: Family friendly vegan gluten free meals
I will try to go through my yumly and pull out the vegan ones and give you links. If I don't get back here to do this by tomorrow afternoon to please come bugg me.

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Dh is managing bed time so I am back.

These are pad Thai, or other noddle dishes I normally do some combination is them with variant amounts of veggies and with or with out meat.

I have a recipie for 'lazy pad thia' that I can't find a link for it is just 4 oz of rice noodles with a sauce made out of: 1t red pepper flakes, 2 cloves of garlic, .5 c of coconut milk, 1 in if freash ginger greated, 2T peanut butter, and a get shakes of hot sauce

Potato and corn 'chowder'

Corn 'chowder'

Fried rice

Lentil soups. I have made both of these in the last month.

Chickpea curry - this is my favorite curry it is the closest to the curry I have had in restraints

Broccoli 'chese' soup - I really loved this, this is what I made for my birthday this year.

Chickpea soup with rice and cabbage - I thought this one was just lovely but my children didn't like it.

Tortilla soup - I have made this subing white beans for the chicken

This tortilla soup is written as vegan my children oddly thought that it was too tomatoie

Chickpea and veggies soup

Tomato basil soup

Alfrado sauces! Yes it is vegan is amazing
These are the egg noodles I use with it

Broccoli 'cheese' casirol


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Soliloquy 02-05-2020 10:01 PM

Re: Family friendly vegan gluten free meals
Red lentil curry soup is a favorite of mine.

Minestrone soup

Black bean soup


Burrito bar

Buddha bowls

Vegan crock pot meals (since you're working, I always think crock pot)

mummy2boys 02-13-2020 11:26 PM

Re: Family friendly vegan gluten free meals
All these recipes sound yummy! I will have to try some out on my family :)

Mother of Sons 02-14-2020 08:18 AM

Re: Family friendly vegan gluten free meals
Black bean burgers (easy to make yourself)
Vegetable fried rice
Vegetable lomein
Pizza (with good toppings we didn’t miss the cheese)
Tacos made with walnut “meat”
Pasta salad
Garlic noodles

Cinnamon apples
Veggies and peanut butter
Peanut butter crackers

2sunshines 02-15-2020 05:37 AM

Re: Family friendly vegan gluten free meals
Thanks for this thread! My dh went plant based a few months ago for health reasons and recently also removed gluten from his diet so I've tended to rotate the same few dishes.... So I'm excited to try some of these and add some variety!

knitlove 02-15-2020 11:44 AM

Re: Family friendly vegan gluten free meals
I know I say this I almost every recipe thread. I found all of the recipes I posted useing yummly. I love that I can sort things that don't have our allergiens (only occasionally does something pop thoigh that the algorithm miss something, normally when the webpage recipe was badly written)

You can filter by diet and remove spacific Ingredients. You can also filter by time or calories or type of cooking ( bake, prusher cooker exc)

You can also set it to vegen and then serch for things like cheese soup and get vegan options.

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