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flowermama 12-26-2014 06:17 PM

List of Public Forums
Public Forums

Public forums can be viewed by non-members and members alike. They are the forums that members can see when they are logged out. New members can only see public forums and several "all-members" forums until after they reach 10 posts.

Since non-members can see public forums, the rules ask that members not post pictures of their children in public forums.

Each forum that is public has "*public*" in the title.

The public forums are as follows:

Posting Guidelines, Statement of Beliefs, Abbreviations, Etc. *Public*
Let's Talk (Chit Chat that Doesn't Fit in Other Forums) *Public*
Nurturing our Children (AP & Multi-age Parenting Topics) *Public*
- Co-Sleeping & Nighttime Parenting *Public*
- Baby Wearing (Slings, Etc.) *Public*
- Cloth Diapering & EC *Public*
Gentle Discipline *Public*
- GD Info and FAQs *Public*
Unprepared for Parenting (Ezzos, Pearls, Etc.) *Public*
Homeschooling & Unschooling (Support for HS) *Public*
Joyous Homekeeping (Cleaning, Budgeting, Etc.) *Public*
- Gardening *Public*
- Technical Corner (Electronics, Computers, Websites (like Facebook), Etc.) *Public*
The Cookbook (Recipes, Cooking, & Food Prep) *Public*
- Appetizers *Public*
- Soups *Public*
- Salads & Vegetable Dishes *Public*
- Entrees / Main Dishes *Public*
- Breads / Muffins *Public*
- Breakfast *Public*
- Dessert *Public*
- Beverages *Public*
- Pressure Cooker Recipes *Public*
- Slow Cooker Recipes *Public*
- Canning / Preserving *Public*
- Regional Recipes *Public*
Hobbies and Crafts *Public*
Animal Companions (Pets) *Public*
Natural Health & Nutrition *Public*
- Vaccination Awareness *Public*
- Natural Health & Nutrition Info and FAQs *Public*
Vegetarianism and Veganism *Public*
- Vegetarian/Vegan Recipes *Public*

edited on 3/11/2015 to add the words "and several 'all-members' forums"

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