View Full Version : Writing Strands for the reluctant writer?

04-27-2013, 02:43 PM
So I looked at the Writing Strands website and decided it might be a good fit for us and wrote it down as my choice for next year's writing curriculum.

I went ahead and decided on level 2 for my will-be 3rd grader since she struggles with writing mostly due to stamina, but also a bit due to not seeing a need -- or maybe something else?

I managed to score a like-new book at a sale for $3. :woohoo

When I got it home to look at it though I was a little surprised. My daughter is very no-nonsense. It seemed like there was a lot of "Write this sentence, then think of an adj. and write the sentence again. Then think of another adjective and write the sentence again."

Now, I can see this method really helping my dd's writing, because if I ask her to write a sentence now, she'll do a bare bones, 3 word sentence or fragment.

I'm curious if other moms with reluctant writers have had problems getting their students to complete the lesson. I've heard lots of people say they enjoyed the program and I can see why, I'm just wondering if this will be a good fit. For $3, I'd like to make it work.:shifty

The Tickle Momster
04-27-2013, 04:56 PM
:think my dd is doing very similar activities in WS 4. She started it two years ago and hated it. Now at 11.5 she is really like it. Unless she is wanting to work on this, I might wait a while. Just my :twocents