View Full Version : Point me in the direction of a washing machine

01-30-2009, 03:47 PM
Our is finally kaput.

The factors:

1) Basement laundry, and it's not a dry basement either.

2) We're getting it with our tax return, so it cannot be expensive.

3) It really can't be pricey.

4) It needs a good sized capacity.

5) It needs an excellent repair history.


01-30-2009, 04:18 PM
Go to the library and look through the last few issues of Consumer Reports Magazine to see how they rated different washing machines (including repair history based on consumer reviews).


01-30-2009, 04:47 PM
Dh works in repairs at a hardware. He said do NOT buy Maytag, they are the worst for needing repairs. He bought me SpeedQueen last year and it has been great. I think it meets all your factors.
Ours is in the basement
It is the same price range as any of the others
I do laundry for 7 kids, so the capacity is pretty good.