View Full Version : Meal delivery service?

Blue Aurora
01-21-2009, 02:01 PM
Has anyone used one? LIke schwans(sp?)? Are the portions bigger and better tasting then frozen dinners? How is the quality of the food? Is it worth the price? How do you make it more affordable?

I'm exploring my options to keep my family fed right now. A frozen dinner or even the bags it seems like half the meat is gross or there is junk in it. I have a hard time grocery shopping too so the delivery option is nice.

Any first hand or even second hand experience? :)

01-22-2009, 09:14 AM
I've used Schwans some and I think it is more expensive than buying at my grocery store although I like the quality of the food better. Their frozen pizzas taste much better to me than the store-bought ones. I'm not sure how they compare portion-wise with store bought. I cut each pizza into six slices and they are small. I haven't bought many of the frozen meals so I can't give you any thoughts on that. I buy the boneless skinless chicken breasts all of the time because I think the quality is better than the store. They come to about $1.89 per breast. I try not to think about the price too much because I think that's expensive. They are individually packaged and come ten in a box so I can take out what I need. They have been well-trimmed, too, which I like because sometimes raw chicken yucks me out. I think you can try the service out and are under no obligation to continue if it doesn't meet your needs. HTH