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12-01-2005, 02:58 PM
I was thinking about how far I've come as a mommy. I remember playing with dolls and they all came with bottles and you would push them around a baby stroller. I do use my stroller--ds1 likes to push his baby brother in it and it keeps him happy when we go out. It didn't occur to me to keep my little ones in a crib all day long. But when my Egyptian friend told me that she and her brothers slept next to their parents and later slept in a crib in their parents' bed, it sounded odd to me. Now here dh and I are, doing the exact same thing, co-sleeping, baby's bed in our room. But I bf, not ff. Bottles came around for juice and or milk when my son was older, but not as a little baby. I remember working in toys r us during college and seeing people buy cases of formula. I wondered, why on earth do they do that, a gallon of milk is so much cheaper. Not knowing that babies can't have cow milk. I saw people buy baby food, I made my own because when it came to my baby, I wanted to know what was going into their food. Ds1 is playing with my cleaning equipment. I bought him his own little broom and dust pan and a duster and scrub brush, maybe he will leave mine alone...
Where is the icon for the baby trying to type with mommy???

12-02-2005, 12:48 PM
That's awesome!

I too have come a long way. I used to look at people mistreating their kids in public and thinking the kid deserved it...and that I would never allow my child to behave that way. Amongst other things. Now, I feel like crying when I see and hear that. In stores dd is so sensitive to others that if she hears a baby crying, she'll imitate it and act all sad saying, "Baby crying."

I'm thankful that God has opened my eyes to so many things...but it has been a difficult and lonely road to walk at times.


Radosny Matka
12-02-2005, 09:28 PM
:hearts Yah, I do some things I said I would never do it. :highfive