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09-29-2005, 07:57 PM
I know my little toddler still loves to be in her sling, I also have method of straping her to my back with a sheet well now she is getting so big I don't have enough room to tie the sheet right for her to do this. Ok so I just use the hommade sling I have not fancy no rings just cloth tied with a knot and then I drape it over my shoulder and put her in. I got it rather tight so she stays put and all but now she is 16 months and still loves her sling getting harder to carry her in it as she weighs a ton. LOL only 26 pounds. Any sling suggestions on how to carry a toddler where it is easier on your back. I just don't have the reasources to buy one of those cool ones online right now so trying to make do if you know what I mean. The challenging thing is she wants held when I am cooking or doing dishes stuff like that I used to put her on my back and not that I can't do that I need some sort of fix for these challenging times as she is crying and holding my leg. I guess I spoiled her as some people say but I just want to let her be little while she is still so little.

09-29-2005, 08:04 PM
Have you tried a wrap?

www.mamatoto.org (http://www.mamatoto.org)

The back cross carry is really comfortable. :tu

09-29-2005, 08:48 PM
Thanks your so cool this is the site that tought me how to carry the baby on my back in the first place. I been looking all over for it forgot the name but that is so great. I love the back cross carry very comfortable too bad my sheet is just a bit too small only a few inches. Darn well I can try to put her higher and I am checking out more wraps now. Thanks so much.

09-29-2005, 09:36 PM
Well I found a version of that one I love but much easier to do with a toddler and tested it out on my four year old and wow that is so cool works like a charm and way comfortable too. I am sorry if I am rambling I love babywearing it is so cool I would say new thing but hello it is old as ever but so clever. Why did we stop doing this anyway LOL Sorry had to add the new one for me is the Tibetan Carry Love it for the toddler mode.

09-30-2005, 04:41 AM
I bought $1 fabric from the clearance aisle at Wal-Mart and hemmed it. :tu My wrap only cost me $6 and about 15 minutes. :)