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Wonder Woman
04-01-2005, 06:59 PM
So I need ideas!

I belong to a nursing mom's support group that is locally run because the nearest LLL is 3 hours away. There are new faces every week, and that's great! But, some of us that have bf'ed for a while wind up talking a lot of parenting and disciplining things. So, we talked today about forming a positive discipline/parenting group. I'm so excited! I keep recommending this board, but I think I'm the only one who does a whole lot of online time. I'm also the only mom w/one kid in the group :shrug :smile

So here are some things I need help with!

Wording for advertising in the community. Obviously we don't want to attract punitive parents who are *not* looking for an alternative - we all get enough of that IRL! But we don't want to seem so "specialized" that others are afraid to check out the meetings.

Suggestions for agendas? Right now I own a copy of Positive Discipline, and my friend has a copy of "How to talk so your children will listen..." There isn't a lot of money to sink into a library right now, as we are all SAHM's and part-time WAHM's. So a prioritized list is a good thing ;)

General ideas - should there be an age limit on children in attendance? Should the group be open to mom's and dad's? Or just moms due to the high amount of nurslings? (You should have seen the guy who thought he was coming to playgroup and joined us for the nursing mom's support group instead! :laughtears)

Also, Crystal and Joanne, do you guys mind if I pass out links to your sites and print off info from them for the meetings? I think once theses moms realize all the goodies available they'll be just as net addicted as I am!

Ok, those are my questions for now. Input, advice - it's all good. Bring it on - and thanks!

04-01-2005, 07:20 PM
I think that is a great idea and I have often wanted to do the same thing
I understand what you are saying about not wanting to attract punitive parents. Maybe you could say something like "for those who want offer and recieve support for gentle discipline"
but then some people think that "gentle" is time outs instead of spanking. So I don't know if that would really get the point across.

How about something that mentions that we don't feel like children have to be made to feel bad in order to learn?

I think that there shouldn't necessarily be an age limit of children because sometimes the older ones can help entertain the toddlers. And dads could come unless the group is huge. Lots of dads, I think, need support from other GD dads so they can see how another dad does it, the dads just don't know that they need it! ;)

I am looking forward to the replies here!

04-01-2005, 07:35 PM
I am fine with my web link being passed out :) The more the merrier!

04-01-2005, 08:05 PM
Maybe set it up on a LLL model with four or five rotating topics as conversation staters. I would also find a way to make it clear that it is a support group and not a 'discussion' group and that parent's who disagree are welcome to attend, but not discuss punitive parenting.