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  1. Dd was spanked in MOPS today!
  2. Which Punitive Parenting Ideas Influenced You?
  3. Pearl spam
  4. Dobson ?'s
  5. Spin-off of Pearl Spam Thread
  6. Something I've been thinking about...
  7. ACK! What was I thinking??!!
  8. I can't believe I saw this...
  9. my experience with punitive discipline
  10. Encouragement
  11. MOPS situation updated
  12. I don' t know whether to throw up or cry...
  13. Turning my anger outward...Abuse in the Church
  14. Sibling's Response to Crying Baby - Spin Off
  15. I need a hug...
  16. Church is very Ezzo, what would you do?
  17. are you AP because of your upbringing?
  18. New MOPS update
  19. Breakthrough for Mom..thanks Jeri, Crystal, GCM
  20. What would you do?
  21. What can I do when I get angry?
  22. Yeah...THATS something to brag about!
  23. Proverbs 23:13-14/Q's about the rod
  24. fanasty world of punitive parenting
  25. Pregnant friend is pro spanking
  26. A sad episode at church
  27. Dobson and babies
  28. Punishing as part of potty training?!?
  29. Very dissapointed
  30. need information on Reb Bradley
  31. Ezzo/Hogg thoughts?
  32. I never knew what a can of worms I was opening...
  33. Obedience?
  34. *embaressed look* Am I the only one....
  35. Ted Tripp
  36. Not sure what I can do. . . . sort of an update
  37. How long should I wait?? (small vent)
  38. Meeting with pastor...
  39. what made you change?
  40. Spanking, violence, religion and culture in the South?
  41. Dealing with Anger Towards My Parents
  42. Sooo sad
  43. Moody and GBD -- Our Class Discussion Tomorrow
  44. Spinoff on anger toward parents - vent
  45. wise words I heard today
  46. Ok... he's cornering me... Proverbs 23:13 NLT
  47. New parenting class at my church
  48. Sad but encouraging...Parent going on trial for whipping with belt
  49. FYI about The 700 Club
  50. That Nanny Show
  51. Clay and Sally Clarkson
  52. she wanted to fix me!!!
  53. Ted Tripp is coming to my church for a Parenting seminar
  54. Who was working up notes on Tedd Tripp? Cindy maybe?
  55. What I wrote to a church
  56. Is schedules, CIO, & punitive parenting REALLY the norm?
  57. Ezzo brochures
  58. kids play rough/mean with stuffed animals and dolls
  59. Ginger Plowman _Don't Make Me Count to Three_
  60. would you or wouldn't you?
  61. This made me sad
  62. RC Sproul Jr - Renewing your mind
  63. Um, ok, DUH!
  64. Kinda dissapointed
  65. didn't know how radically GBD I must be until now....
  66. Parenting Sermon, No Spanking!
  67. Ezzo videos / dvds?
  68. Oh Mamas!! I am so sad and sick to my stomach!!!
  69. A FABULOUS Opportunity!
  70. When will they learn?
  71. Letter to the punitive parents I know
  72. new parents
  73. Another GBD WOW
  74. Request from the old board
  75. How do I get 'past' this?
  76. IT'S A VICTORY!!!!!!!!
  77. Materialism gone too far? (vent)
  78. Reality Check
  79. Good news, but it makes me nervous
  80. Help...what can I say???
  81. I think im gonna throw up....
  82. Is ezzo.info gone?
  83. When church beliefs conflict with your parenting
  84. would you bother?
  85. Am I handling this right?
  86. Shepherd Poking Lambs??!
  87. Book question- Heart of Anger
  88. WHen we don't feel so gentle
  89. It is heartbreaking
  90. And *this* is supposed to be encouraging?
  91. Ezzo supporters cornered DH and I last night...
  92. just a little bit sad
  93. Why are most parenting programs/ministries headed up by men?
  94. Babywise investigation on news tonight!!
  95. Oh, brother!
  96. my neighbor's a Sears gal
  97. Who's Ferber & what does it mean to Ferberize?
  98. Not sure what to do now............
  99. demand feeding according to ezzo
  100. Any one hear Dr. Laura on Scheduling a baby today?????
  101. Talked to my pastor tonight...
  102. problems with finding nemo
  103. what james dobson thinks of us.
  104. How do you see past it?
  105. want to share-something my pastor said
  106. Norm Wakefield or Don Gilchrist
  107. I feel like I should know this, but I need some advice
  108. one of the saddest Ezzo stories i know of...
  109. sad for my friends... get-together on Saturday
  110. possibly the weirdest thing yet...
  111. How to get Dobson books out of my church library?
  112. Former Pearl followers?
  113. Hi! I'm new and would like to share my story about BW
  114. How to recognize FTT?
  115. Guarding our reactions/thoughts about other's parenting
  116. let the children come - does anyone know this? it's an ezzo book
  117. new to GBD
  118. Why do people think babies can manipulate them?
  119. Spinoff - well-behaved children
  120. Punative sister in law lectures dd and me
  121. What another mom said to me....
  122. Smoking is OK during pregnancy?!?!
  123. Dobson question
  124. I sold Raising your Spirited Child over Dobson yesterday!!!!
  125. Stupid question????
  126. Did anyone see this?
  127. I can't believe a mother said this about her own children!!!
  128. Another reason not to cio
  129. Question about Dr Sears Book
  130. Serious problem-please help
  131. Dh went to an Ezzo class tonight!
  132. Did the Clarkson's raise their kids punitively?
  133. Saved from going down the Ezzo path and (More added)
  134. Kind of a spinoff from APMama's thread...
  135. Soap in the mouth?!?
  136. One less "Baby Wise" book.....hopefully
  137. The Baby Whisperer?
  138. Beyond sad and disappointed...
  139. Questions to ask before attending a new church?
  140. My story.....and a question
  141. del
  142. Just discovered Fugate...
  143. Update on "Serious problem, please help"
  144. Please pray
  145. Kevin Lehman
  146. Ezzo critiques...interesting document!
  147. Pearls and Amish/Mennonite
  148. took a big step today
  149. New and frustrated/confused
  150. Help! AAP info needed...
  151. What's so bad about the tomato staking approach?
  152. What is wrong with first time obedience?
  153. New adopted parents that I love and spanking
  154. Sources for DH
  155. Would you bother??
  156. What's wrong with spanking?
  157. Blanket and lap training?
  158. Has anyone else noticed this piece of slandar on the Pearls' webpage?
  159. Gary Ezzo and Church Discipline
  160. teaching about feelings
  161. Getting control of ourselves
  162. Are You Ever Paranoid...?
  163. Tattling ... help me sort this out
  164. time out-I need some help
  165. What do these Bible verses mean?
  166. Do they have an answer?
  167. letting go of 'old' expectations
  168. Two Non-Spanking Interpretations...??
  169. tough time at church - spanking "verses" and a question
  170. SIL and BIL Babywising their Newborn!
  171. So sad for a coworker
  172. Super Nanny at Church?
  173. baby had to cry to go to sleep
  174. New books for new babies for Babywise/Ezzo/Pearl friendly folks
  175. Dh getting "sleep" advice from coworker.
  176. Babywise at my local library
  177. Situation at a friend's house...Help
  178. How to Really Love Your Child?
  179. Pearl
  180. Is this a result of punitive parenting?
  181. Why didn't you just spank them?!
  182. ready to give up
  183. getting a child to eat what is put in front of them I'm UNPREPARED for this
  184. Any ex-Pearl email lists?
  185. Moving Away From Pearl Teachings
  186. How do you get it out of your head???
  187. Why do my children behave for my punitive husband and not me?
  188. Questions about Manners
  189. It worked!
  190. Heart still hurting
  191. Feeling lonely again. . . .
  192. Unattached kids... staggering figures...
  193. I was at my SIL's yesterday...
  194. Explain Gothard to me please...
  195. spanking=literal interpretation of Scripture?
  196. Discipline needs to hurt?
  197. It was an eye-opener
  198. Im SO glad we dont spank anymore
  199. When kids are afraid...
  200. so disrespectful
  201. Punitive Mindets
  202. Sad, mad at myself
  203. Friend situation.......please give advice!
  204. Leashes?
  205. Infant potty-training?
  206. Things Ezzo moms miss.
  207. I'm so tired
  208. Aww, nuts.
  209. Tell me about Fugate's _What the Bible says about child training_
  210. ICHE has article by Debi Pearl m
  211. wow, im speechless
  212. Does anyone struggle with wanting to "go back to Egypt"? so to speak...
  213. permissive/not in charge
  214. When others are watching, how do you respond?
  215. I slipped :(
  216. Punitive friends?
  217. GBD book to balance Tripp...
  218. Warning! Probably too long and TMI!
  219. I just dont get it
  220. I don't know how i could help...
  221. I am literally sick to my stomach *UPDATE*
  222. A funny story for you all
  223. Spanking TimeTables
  224. I spoke out against GKGW today
  225. Shouldn't be surprised....
  226. GRRR - Got baby torture advice on Saturday
  227. I saw a sis swatting 8 mo old bro - brings back memories
  228. How do you answer these points?
  229. Church book stall
  230. Feeling outnumbered and overwhelmed
  231. Couldn't believe my ears today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  232. A few scenarios from a book I used to value
  233. What a difference!
  234. Can someone tell me what this means?
  235. A heart change
  236. fly swatter
  237. How long does it take to get negative words out of your vocabulary??
  238. Punitve parenting from the pulpit
  239. Did any of you have a hard time w/ GD parenting books at first?
  240. About being strong willed
  241. Please read my response to a friend about spanking
  242. Ap yet punitive
  243. Reconciling non-punitive parenting and certain verses of the Bible
  244. Why do spankers adamantly insist that...
  245. Double standard?
  246. I'm desperate for help!
  247. Okay, Ladies
  248. Spinoff...not being angry?
  249. Why is it that....
  250. One BIG Lie!!