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  1. Using five steps vs. logical consequences
  2. should a 15mo old ever obey?
  3. Not sure where to put this one
  4. Rod verses....
  5. problems coming home from school
  6. Do I let him or how should I respond?
  7. obedience is...
  8. I need to rebuild the Spanking Files
  9. he's started saying he wants to hurt us
  10. What my 15 yo brother said...
  11. but what if the spanking seems to work?
  12. Rivers of Grace: Raising Children By the Spirit Rather Than the Law
  13. shes being so uncooperative!!!
  14. I got a chance to sort of explain gentle discipline to dh
  15. what about touching things they aren't supposed to?
  16. not sure where this should go
  17. disciple = discipline ?
  18. Other people's children
  19. A Praise!! (yes, this does belong here)
  20. I completely ignored him this afternoon
  21. hitting/kicking...again
  22. A major flaw with punishment
  23. I am trying to be gentle, but I need help....
  24. Bedtime Dramas
  25. High maintenance brother and GBD
  26. 2 year old and "possessive" behavior
  27. what about electricity?
  28. book cases
  29. Do very young children need to experience consequences as part of discipline?
  30. deciding what is important...
  31. Help I dont think im doing this right
  32. Parenting From the Inside Out
  33. spinoff my own "chicken" thread
  34. changing clothes -- I can't stop her!
  35. dad thinks whacks are funny
  36. Do 3 year olds just *not* obey?
  37. What other christian websites are out there?
  38. The Bible and discipline
  39. Manager vs. Leader on Crystal's new site
  40. all alone?
  41. he's driving me nuts today
  42. Want to share a perspective on punishment
  43. Not sure I handled this right
  44. Um. . . . tell me this about the bear hug. . . .
  45. My mom e-mailed me this. I was skeptical at first, and then. . . .
  46. Coping with a non GBD parent
  47. I'm blogging about a book!
  48. Tattling
  49. Has anyone ever heard of non-coercive parenting?
  50. Ok - help us out here - 13mo and TV power button.
  51. My toddler hits!
  52. sitcking out his tongue
  53. Questions on CC and "you hit you sit" UPDATE Please help. I feel desperate.
  54. "you hit, you sit"
  55. This is progress... Really!
  56. lying 3 yo
  57. Adventures In Gentle Discipline
  58. Help-Parenting class might be using Happiest Toddler on the bLock
  59. CC--practical examples
  60. Help with name calling...for my dh More questions please?!
  61. Sharing,grabbing toys, things from sibling?
  62. This really hurt my feelings
  63. "Rachel Told Me I Couldn't Help"
  64. Almost 2 year old that hits parents and cats (inanimate objects) & other issues
  65. Screaming in the high chair
  66. Ack! Pushing...what do I do?
  67. i'm conflicted, WWYD?
  68. Rebuilding after punitive parenting
  69. A GBD win!
  70. Gave up on potty training
  71. GBD Compliment
  72. OK, someone please explain to me
  73. Obviously they are too young to really share, but . . .
  74. How does behaviorism fit into GD?
  75. Bad night - What should I have done differently?
  76. how do I deal with lying
  77. Un-kind MIL advice on discipline
  78. Proper age expectation for "coming" to parent when called
  79. Anyone have a dh that doesn't like gentle mothering and AP?
  80. Pinching, getting into everyting, etc
  81. Scripture HELP! for GBD article
  82. eating and 'dessert' advice
  83. Grace-filled verses to meditate on??
  84. The Whining!!
  85. My Favorite Things...
  86. Danger Discipline!!
  87. Toddler started pushing
  88. More Thoughts on Proverbs 13
  89. My 3rd grader got into a fight today at school - UPDATE at bottom of OP
  90. I feel like I should know this, but how to deal with toddler whining???
  91. my husband doesn't like it that I'm here
  92. Getting ready for new arrival
  93. help-how do I deal with his whining and complaining?
  94. 3 yo enjoys being mean?
  95. The drama
  96. And still another 3yo question- "I'm Hungry"
  97. 2 1/2 yo tormenting our dog.
  98. I really blew it today!
  99. Aggression in toddler boy
  100. Moms of 18mos-3yr olds peek inside
  101. I am so tired of dh calling our older ds a sissy
  102. another question--drinks
  103. Coping with Persistance
  104. Specific issue--won't stop when told to
  105. Please help, I'm a terrible mom!
  106. Did I handle this okay?
  107. Aggressive 18 mo old....Please HELP!!!
  108. GKGW at my church!! *UPDATE*
  109. Just wanted to say
  110. Just a good update re: Toddler in Church
  111. How would you feel if...
  112. I'm very happy..
  113. Need some input, please! DS grits teeth when angry, and 1 other question....
  114. How can I help him make better choices?
  115. You are a mean mummy and more :-(
  116. AH! He Screams to do it himself, and then just stands there and doesn't do it?
  117. New to this board - discipline questions
  118. Disequilibrium
  119. Oh my!
  120. Any thoughts on this book?
  121. What the heck is up with dh and spanking?
  122. Hiding
  123. "Credit" systems: positive logical consequence.... or conditional rewards?
  124. I need help with tantrums and whining
  125. Now I need to learn to discipline myself, being a mommy is so hard sometimes.
  126. DH looked up shebet
  127. Want to do the Loving Guidance program?
  128. Specific issues--WWYD?
  129. toddler not listening
  130. my first incident with punitive people
  131. A brag on Nathaniel
  132. Preschooler ignoring commands
  133. **UPDATED**I am so proud of myself and my kiddos.... And a Thank you.
  134. I want to stop yelling...
  135. "I WON'T!!!"-a vent
  136. Chasing
  137. Quick help please. What should I do???
  138. Hitting
  139. Teasing his sister
  140. Is telling him to stop screaming a bad thing?
  141. Marble Jar?
  142. CIO for 3 year old???
  143. GBD websites for DH
  144. problems with 6.5 yr old ds and 5 steps
  145. How to curb annoying toddler behavior - Licking & Spitting
  146. Anyone ever heard of...
  147. Who else would like more community and less independance?
  148. I got a compliment!
  149. So, I wasn't the least bit gentle this morning. Please help!
  150. They get a bit crazy when I'm occupied
  151. Medicine and Control, WWYD?
  152. How quickly should a 3 yo obey?
  153. I must be doing this wrong. HELP!! on reflecting feelings.
  154. Sibling rivalry starts early...
  155. I'm going to run away!
  156. Tell me more about "you hit, you sit".
  157. Going out of my mind. HELP.
  158. Mooning
  159. Ok - so she's only 14 months - WWYD?
  160. I felt so sick reading this (need support!)
  161. I'm at my wit's end!!!
  162. Were using "Gentle Hands" and "You Hit You Sit"
  163. How to not be permissive!!!
  164. Need some help (ideas/suggestions regarding 3 yr old)
  165. 2.5 yo crying all the time! Help me!
  166. Okay, ready to try this again!
  167. Contradiction at the playground...
  168. Yea for proactive discipline!
  169. Anybody heard of Walt Brock?
  170. time outs in Sunday school
  171. Did I do ok?
  172. toddler at baby shower, what's age appropriate & EtL, DtD
  173. What to do on step 3 when he says 'no' to help?
  174. 3 y/o is too agressive toward her baby brother - all the time!
  175. rolling on the floor fits and annoying behavior?
  176. anyone care to share photos of your comfort corner?
  177. Stop talking PLEASE...
  178. Is it a time out?
  179. 2yo drawing on the walls
  180. GBD workshop...need input
  181. disobeying as I turn my back
  182. is this you hit you sit?
  183. I am becoming a "reverse bean dip" expert!!
  184. Brothers fighting... help, please!
  185. Two year old too rough with new baby
  186. I think I did good.
  187. What is a good response when your 4 yr old calls you stupid?
  188. How do I "do" GBD while driving down the highway? Eeek!
  189. Was this ok?
  190. talk about conviction...
  191. Making amends?
  192. And the lightbulb comes on....
  193. When do babies/children understand...
  194. How much is too much? (TV)
  195. "well that will teach him not to do that again"
  196. IS this punitive?
  197. Threats/Bribes - not GBD??
  198. OK, is this mean, lazy or appropriate?
  199. How do we transition--I have tried everything?
  200. Responding to Disrespectful Language.
  201. I bought biblical parenting!
  202. Brag on my 4 yr old
  203. Am I taking GBD too far ?
  204. Happy Birthday to me
  205. Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn?
  206. Say Yes
  207. I have no idea what I am doing!
  208. It's obvious that I've been spoiled.
  209. Am I GBD? I thought so. . .
  210. So Crystal...(talking back)
  211. How could I have handled this better?
  212. It works!!
  213. 5 yo starting to lie...
  214. handling bossiness
  215. help me understand this better
  216. Help me pick which book to start with
  217. Big Feelings?
  218. I need some help.
  219. GBD and other people's children?
  220. My dd shows how its done!
  221. Jesus-lovers That Spank
  222. Help My 5 yr old refuses to change her dirty panties!
  223. More questions??
  224. "It never hurts to hit them around a little"
  225. Discipline & Hebrews
  226. Counting
  227. How do I get her attention?
  228. I put ds1 in a comfort corner yesterday...
  229. Ideas on how to honor National SpankOut Day 2006?
  230. Not doing too great with the kids today. :-(
  231. Frustration in our house right now.
  232. Behavior during worship
  233. Another plus of using GBD
  234. What about willful defiance?
  235. Im struggling w/ DS
  236. struggling to accept differences!
  237. Anyone read Martha Stevens ebook?
  238. Are 3 year olds really supposed to cry this much? HELP!....
  239. Can we talk about Defiance?
  240. offering and accepting apologies
  241. On Defiance/Oppositionality/Counterwill
  242. my mother thinks spanking is neccesary
  243. How could I have handled this better?? LONG
  244. Oh, man...I really need help!
  245. Does this make sense?
  246. How to help her make appropriate noises?
  247. Parenting the Way God Parents?
  248. "making it happen" feels violent
  249. A beautiful bear hug-like experience
  250. What age should I start expecting DS to understand and respond to discipline?